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    Lenzkirch catalogue needed

    Hello, I am rather new here. I am looking for one Lenzkirch catalogue of 1890 aprox. Thanks
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    German Junghans Swinger Clock

    Hello Kobas! Thanks for your information! Actually, I refer to the pivot of the arm which holt all the clock. Now I see the pic, I think, the pendulum is loose on it`s axle?
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    Thanks all of you!!!!!
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    German Junghans Swinger Clock

    Hello, My clock has one of it`s pivots out, so I would like to know how are they subject to the brass bridge. In my clock them seems to fit with a screw. Thanks
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    Hello, I am a mechanical engineer but an amateur of ancient watch repairing. I am repairing some old clocks and I want to know why watchmakers only lubricate the pivots of the axles but they do not lubricate the teeth of the gears, which also have friction. Thank you!!
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    Unknown Junghans Swinger Clock

    I add a new pic....
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    Unknown Junghans Swinger Clock

    Hello Everybody! I have a rare Junghans Mysteri clock from which one I have no information. It`s péndulum has only one bar. It is much more simple than the common ones. And The figurine is not common. Can anyone tell me some information about it? The movement seems to be original. I added...
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    Help needed cleaning my 400 days Schatz clock

    Hello Forum, I have a 400-days clock that I want to restore to it`s original factory state and I thought to disassembly all the movement and clean it with típical ammonia-based watch cleaner and then rinse it with acetone. But I'm afraid that the cleaner or the acetone will ruin the lacquer on...
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    Torsion 400-Day, ATMOS, & Torsion Clock Parts Wanted

    Hello members, I have two watches 400 days Schatz and another Kundo. all of them manufactured in the 50's. All three have identical plastic domes. My query is: all the 400-day watches Schatz and Kundo brought glass domes and the plastic ones were replacements or some brought original factory...
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