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    Electric WW Bobby Orr novelty watch problem

    I offered to help a friend with their childhood Bobby Orr watch. When I received it, it was missing a stem and crown and the hairspring was mostly gone with just a short length remaining on the collet. The movement is an EB-8800 pin lever movement. I have cleaned and/or repaired several dozen...
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    Service advice for a vintage Ladies Hamilton

    My mistake. I had the correct number in my notes, but mistyped it when putting the post together. It is a 774 not a 747. schweige
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    Service advice for a vintage Ladies Hamilton

    My mother-in-law has an older ladies Hamilton with a 14k gold case and diamond bezel. It has a 17J 747 movement and was not running well for her. It appears to have reasonable amplitude on a full wind and seems to keep time on the bench. I am pretty sure it just needs a cleaning. I have...
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    Timex automatic

    Regarding the auto winding mechanism, the rotor has an eccentric cam between the rotor and the rotor mounting bracket. When the rotor rotates the cam moves the fingers that fit around it back and forth, moving the little spring loaded fingers that contact the ratchet wheel. I have repaired a...
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    anyone seen anthing rare on ebay lately?

    I assume this is rare.
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    Mechanical WW Automatic lubrication advice

    I have often read here that the reversing wheel and the ball bearings in automatic winding modules should not be lubricated and sometimes not cleaned. The ETA website confirms this and shows the parts as being "ETA treated" and to not be lubricated...
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    How to paint the hands for metalic navy blue ?

    For painting hands that have discolored, I have had some success with Testors model enamel, and even better results with automotive touch-up paint. Both are usually a liitle too thick and sometimes "stringy" when applying. I usually keep a small vial of lacquer thinner, and an eyedropper handy...
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    Mechanical WW Replacement Crystal Type help

    I have just completed cleaning the movement of an older Benrus automatic. The movement seems fine after cleaning, and now I need to clean up the case and order a new crystal. It has a two part case with a full stainless back that has the crystal fitted over a stepped front edge on the rear part...
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    Pocketwatch newbie needs to remove crown

    I am trying my first pocketwatch cleaning and have found some broken teeth on the winding pinion. I have a parts watch that I believe is the same movement. The parts watch is a mess, but the winding pinion appears intact after partial disassembly. The question is how do I remove the crown? The...
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    Removing a broken regulator screw.

    Thanks for the help everyone. Dave, I didn't state it in the original message but the swans neck is broken in the parts watch. rrwatch, that's exactly right. That little bit is the part I need to get a hold of in order to turn it out. Smudgy I'll probably end up trying your suggestion with...
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    Removing a broken regulator screw.

    I am a hobbyist that usually works on wristwatches, and I am making my first attempt at cleaning and repairing a pocket watch. I picked up a Lorraine pocketwatch at the recent NAWCC regional in San Diego. It has a Gallet 17 jewel, 3 adjustments movement that runs with very low amplitude. I am...
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    Electric WW Help with a Bulova Millennia Altimeter

    A friend recently gave me a Bulova MIllennia Altimeter quartz chronograph. I have replaced the battery and the watch is running. I would like to find a manual for it so I can check if the altimeter is working. I also need to re-set the chrono hands. (but I can probably figure that out without a...
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    Mechanical WW Seiko Vintage Parts suppliers?

    Anyone know of a good supplier for vintage Seiko parts? I have heard Seiko tends to discontinue parts not long after the models go out of production, thus making parts hard to come by. Specifically I am looking for the plastic date finger for a 6119C automatic, Seiko part number 556611. They...
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    Jewel Spring holders

    Done! Thanks for the advice, watch-me. Ed Schweiger
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    Jewel Spring holders

    I have a related question about an old Seiko I am working on. The movement is a 21 jewel 6119C auto. The plate has a plate jewel where the cap jewel is held in place with a small three pronged spring. I have run into these a few times before, but being an amateur I have run them through my L&R...
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    Rolex advice / warnings for newbie?

    I want to first thank everyone for the advice. I realize the pre-owned Rolex market is fraught with peril, but seeing a vintage two-tone datejust offered for $1500 on craigslist is tempting. Someday if I get to the point where I feel knowledgeable enough, I might take the chance. As far...
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    Rolex advice / warnings for newbie?

    I have been contemplating a purchase of a Rolex wristwatch. I really like the looks of the new ceramic bezel Two-tone Submariner with black dial, but it is out of my price range. I already have an Omega Seamaster GMT and was thinking of a more dressy model, perhaps a used Datejust in stainless...
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    Casio PRG-110Y-1V, anyone knows where can i find?

    Not sure if it's too late, but Google showed as the first hit and it appears to be in stock. Ed Schweiger
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    Help with a calendar mechanism

    I don't see the attachment. Shouldn't it show up like the attached pictures? Ed Schweiger
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    Help with a calendar mechanism

    Thanks again for the info mrbill. Samantha, Thanks for your kind offer. I had ordered the Aut/7041 part from Jules Borel before I saw your post. They sent me a part and I think they sent the wrong one. The invoice shows A/7041, (which is the part number I requested) but the part package...
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