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    Electric WW can you clean quartz analog movements?

    Doug, the dial legs for the ETA978.001 do not fit the Harley/Ronda 751 movement. How does one go about fitting the dial other than breaking the Gucci dial legs off flush with the dial and then gluing the dial to the new movement? Also, it will be necessary to fit a new stem to the case as the...
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    Bezel click mechanism on cheap replica rolex.

    Any chance of checking with the seller to see who made the watch? Jon Hansen
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    Does a watch need a second hand?

    Saw the same exact question in the Time Zone forum. Which answer is the best of all?
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    Opening Sandoz

    Maybe it does screw off, but it might be a snap on. Jon Hansen
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    Omega tuning fork ESA 9162

    How can you be certain that the position of the pawl bridge was correct. Someone could easily have adjusted the lead screw which alters the depth of the pawl jewel. Would it not be better to follow the technical guide and properly adjust the pawl bridge? Jon Hansen. quote time=1204235574...
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    Mechanical WW Waltham ratchet wheel for 16 size model 1888

    Fred, The people who repair watches using factory replacement parts, but do not make their own parts, are they not real watchmakers? Jon Hansen
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    Mechanical WW Waltham ratchet wheel for 16 size model 1888

    Fred, Which parts must a person be able to make to be a real watchmaker? Who or what organization defines a real watchmaker as one who can make parts? Jon Hansen
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    worst ones.. putting movements together and taking them apart!

    The Waltham Watch Co. model 400 series separates the real watchmakers from all others. Jon Hansen
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    worst ones.. putting movements together and taking them apart!

    All of the above mentioned watch movements are routine work. Test yourself by working on a Waltham 400 model. It separates the watchmakers from all others. Jon hansen
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    Electric WW Bulova Accutron runs slow

    No, there is nothing you can do, like adjustments or something, except get it to a CAT (certified accutron technician). Jon Hansen quote time=1172877476 user=Ken Knox uid=5962 fid=15 tid= rid=0]I replaced the battery in a 1976 model Bulova accutron that had been sitting in an unrunning state...
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    Setting arbor for Key-set 3/4 plate swiss movement

    This is a "watch repair forum" is it not? Jon Hansen
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    American PW 1888 model lever or fork question for a Waltham expert

    Escapement parts were seldom completely interchangable on American pocket watches. They all required serious watchmaking skills to properly fit replacement parts. If one exchanges the pallet fork complete on the model 1888, it may well introduce more problems than it solves. Pivot sizes are just...
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    American PW Broken balance stem & out of shape spring ??

    Since you are located in MA there is a watch shop in Natick called Mainly Watches. They can help you. Jon Hansen
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    Bernoulli Watches

    Take it back to the dealer for exchange or refund. Why would one purchase a watch when aware of multiple negative comments as you have stated? Jon Hansen
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    De mortuis nil nisi bonum. - About the dead say nothing but good. Jon Hansen
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    Accutron index wheel

    Not the same. Jon Hansen
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    watch auctions

    Interesting CV. Jon Hansen.
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    American PW How to correct excessive locking?

    There's nothing in those photos that cannot be mended by a skilled watchmaker. This movement is not ready for the dustbin. Jon Hansen.
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    Must de Cartier...fake or real?

    Might be a Cartier. Jon Hansen
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    Hamilton CLD crown

    Hamilton CLD was their trademark for sealed watches they sold in the 1950's, amy of which had split stems. These watches had water resist crowns, gasketed cases and crystals. Jon Hansen
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