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    E. Howard #89 date

    Was wondering if anyone could provide a date on this clock? It was not stamped on the case like other photos I have seen. The assembly number was 3 and a few 6's. I searched every place and did not find a date code. Belongs to my local museum and has provenance with UPRR.
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    Astro Regulator

    I have always loved the Astro regulators, I however will probably never be able to afford one. I decided to construct my own. From conception to ticking clock I have about 30 hours into it. I still have to build the case, but all the hard work is done. I also liked the look of the linear...
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    Chelsea weight driven banjo running fast

    I recently bought a Chelsea banjo, it was missing the weight and pendulum, I found a pendulum that was pretty close to spec, and cast a new weight, built a new rating assembly. My information on the size of the weight was based off a person selling one on eBay. I ended up being about 8# 6oz...
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    Miniature Tower Clock Movement

    This is something I have been playing with for a couple of weeks. It started out life as a nuked Hermle 451. I used the time train and created my own plates. I am in the process now of building a case to look like a clock tower. I had to raise the movement a little over 2 1/2" to center in my...
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    Ithaca and Carter calendar clocks

    Found these at a local auction on New Year's Day. The carter needs a pendulum, and flag. The Ithaca is complete.
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    Birge and Mallory

    I bought this about a month ago, it had been hosed down with some serious oil that petrified. I threw every thing I knew at it, sonic cleaner just laughed. Finally soaked all parts in lacquer thinner and had to clean each individual gear and lantern. Been keeping great time. The case is a...
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    Help On English Tallcase clock movement and dial face.

    Looking for a approximate date of manufacture and any information on makers. The movement is marked HS on both plates bottom center. The dial face is marked Trendall Maidenhead and is marked Wright Burming. On the calendar wheel and false plate. Sorry I do not have pictures of the case it is...
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    Seth Thomas pre 1866 repurpose.....

    I don't know how bad I will get chastised for doing this. I love these movements and buy everyone I find. I currently own two complete ogees, and will post pictures of them later. The movement is really pretty and is a real shame to cover it with a dial face. the case is a 1885 Edison...
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