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    My new clock

    Thank you for reading my inquiery ,so far no answers, there must be some one out there that can help my. Thanks Wilf.....
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    French clocks: lining up strike mechanism wheels

    Hi there!!! usualy the french clocks have markers (small indentations showing the meshing of the theet. I always turn the hands so the clock shimes and has completed the stricking cycle , I put a small mark on the wheels to show the corect position . then when I assemble the clock I just have to...
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    My new clock

    I aquired a clock from my rear grandmother dating in the 1800 ths. I Would like to know if someone can identify this clock, the clock was last repaired in 1878. The initials are meaning less ,only the logo I can not identify ????
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    New antique clock

    I would like to thank all of you for the information, I definitively need to obtain P.Kjellberg's book. Tks Wilf...
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    New antique clock

    I just obtained an antique clock and I do not know the make or origin Would any of you have any information on said clock. Here are some picture, thanks in advance. ( could this possibly be a boulle )Country of origin ?? Wilf Cambridge Ont.
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    Wooden works, to bush or not?

    For what it is worth, I had a wooden clock with some bushings made out of brass, others were made from bone .The customer insisted that the worn brass bushings be replaced with the original bone ones, so I scratched my head and said BONE where am I going to geth bone, so I found in a flee market...
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    help needed on a twiss wooden clock.

    I think I am in the ball park I have exstended my pendelum to 36 inches, the bob is 5 inches from the bottom of the rod , This morning I was loosing 3 minutes in 12 hours ,so it would seem I will be able to adjust the timing, Moral of the story ,never give up where there is a will there is a...
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    help needed on a twiss wooden clock.

    Update I verified and the clock is not skipping any theet. I have exstended the pendulum from 10 1/2 inches to 27 in it is a lot better but it still gains time, I will get a rod wich is a lot longer ,and try I will give you an update , I would love to receive some pictures from a working...
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    help needed on a twiss wooden clock.

    Harold :rolleyes: here are some pictures showing the lenght of the pendelum, also part of the suspension. picture 1565 showing the suspension off a similar clock picture 1567 showing front of clock and part of the pedelum wich seems to be longer then what I have, all other pictures are from the...
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    help needed on a twiss wooden clock.

    I mechanicaly repaired a twiss clock, when the clock came in the shop, all of the suspension components were missing so I made a new assy, the pedelum that came with the clock looked suspicious, so I tested the clock on the test stand I noted that the clock gained more than 15-30 minutes in one...
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    Twiss clock suspension

    This clock came without the suspension ,I am at a loss, what do i need, here are some pictures of the rear plate , any help is welcome. here is also a picture of pendelum 10 inches in lenght.( is this the original ???? Thanks for the help. Wilf
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    TWISS Wooden clock

    Thanks David you have been most helpful. Wilf.
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    Reblueing hands

    For what it is worth 60 years ago we used to heat the (steel) hand until red and dunkit in oil !!! use an old hand and give it a shot ??
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    TWISS Wooden clock

    Here are some pictures of the dial, and the weights of the clock I am presently repairing, note the weight is filled with rocks, it would seem to be very old ???? any idea's. tks Wilf..
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    TWISS Wooden clock

    Thanks for the info, as I understand there should be a counter weight on the loose cord, so the cord winds properly, what kind of weight would you suggest ? since the clock is old and I would like to stay as close to the norm as possible. any suggestions are welcom. TKS Wilf.
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    replacement movement

    That all depends where you live here in Canada they are available from Perrin in Toronto 1-800-387-5117 good luck Wilf..
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    TWISS Wooden clock

    I am presently reparing a Twiss clock and the barrel has 2 strings ,I would like to know how this works since there is no pulley on the bottom ,or were they lost ??? here are some pictures ,thanks ,see I do not know everything. Wilf
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    repair technique

    Sorry i did not read all the reply`s but in my days we stappeled a white cloth underneath the work bench at the front edge and when we were seated we would trow the cloth over our knees and catch 90% of the fallen parts. For what it is worth.....
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    escape wheel tooth hitting the pallet

    I had a similar problem it was caused by a bind in the gear train, as you say the the palet would hit the tip of the tooth and momentarely impide (prevent its motion)the pendulum, as the bind cleared the pendulum lost its motion and could no longer recover result clock stopped.... Also if the...
  20. W


    Thank you Jerry I will buy some and try it thanks for the help. TKS W...

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