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    British watch I cannot identify - any help appreciated

    Hi All My hobby centers around Amrican pcoket watches, but a friend of mine has asked me if I can help him identify a pocket watch that has been in his family for years. He has sent me some pictures attached below. All that I know is that it is about an inch in diameter and the works seem very...
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    Another newbie ultrasonic question

    Let us know how it turns out. I am pretty sure you are going to be very surprised how well it works! And no chance of doing any damage at all!
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    Another newbie ultrasonic question

    For the dials, the best way I have found to deal with hairlines is just to put the dial in a glass overnight with a Polident tablet. (The product used to clean false teeth.) Works like a charm on enamel dials, but do not use on metallic dials.
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    Hands for an Elgin Demi Hunter 16s

    Alan I have an old Elgin materials cabinet that has tons of Elgin hands. I will check this evening to see if I have the ones you are looking for. Paul
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    What are these tweezers used for?

    Sorry for the duplication, I posted this question in Horological Tools section, but received no answers. Would anyone know what these tweezers are used for? I found them in a box of old tools, but cannot figure out what they are for.
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    Neat tweezers, but what are they used for?

    I found a pair of tweezers in a box this morning. I have no idea what they are used for or how to use them. Any ideas based on the attached picture? My guess is something to do with Hairsprings.....
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    American PW Hairspring shape for Elgin Model 5 BW Raymond

    Ok, I will start with the jewels, get those sorted out first. Then, I will take on the Hairspring. Probably won’t get to it until the weekend, but I will update as I go!
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    American PW Hairspring shape for Elgin Model 5 BW Raymond

    Yup, there are a number of issues with this watch. I am going to start out by getting the hairspring in the right shape, then get to work on the jewels. Looks like the screws holding the cap jewels in place have been changed. One of them simply spins in the threads,so it may be too small to...
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    American PW Hairspring shape for Elgin Model 5 BW Raymond

    I am working on an Elgin Model 5, BW Raymond, Serial 5781023. The hairspring was forcing the rim of the balance to jam against the balance cock. I popped off the balance and found an 'interestingly" shaped hairspring as can be seen in the pics below. The first picture shows how the hairspring is...
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    Watch jewel Vise

    Since it opens and closes with the lever, it handles different sizes well. So far i have only used it for size 12 to 18, but no reason it would not work on other sizes (within reason)
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    Watch jewel Vise

    I found this old tool in a box of old watch material. I have never seen another one, but I have been using it lately for holding jewels while cleaning them. It works amazingly well, and should be fairly easy for others to make. The wood seems to be birch (or some other flexible material) with...
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    American PW Looking for someone to replace a balance staff Ottawa/Montreal Canada

    Hi All I have done some balance staff replacements on some lower end, 7 jewel pocket watches, but I am wondering if there is anyone in the Ottawa or Montreal area that would replace a balance staff on a slightly better watch. I have an Elgin Father Time with an up/down wind mechanism and I...
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    Not sure if this was a Watchmaker's desk - Any ideas

    The Black Material is Leather. I am trying to find someone that can cut a key for the lock. I really like this piece of furniture and would like to use it to display my pocket watches.
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    American PW Cheap tools for lining up Pivots in Full Plate Watches

    I am glad it helped you out! It really is surprising how simple the concept is, yet how well it works. Yup, I am pretty pleased with this MacGyver trick!
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    American PW Cheap tools for lining up Pivots in Full Plate Watches

    Okay, I got sick and tired of spending way too much time trying to line up pivots in full plate watches. So, I came up with a seemly obvious solution. I took some stiff plastic from some leftover XMAS packaging, just the standard blister pack that everything is sold in these days. I cut some...
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    American PW I should have checked if the Hairsping fit, but I did not

    Once again this message board comes to my rescue. One little tap with the stake on an anvil and we have a healthy collett that fits tightly over the staff. Another trick in the skill set. Thanks all, it is these little tricks that make this hobby so fun and frustrating at the same time!
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    American PW I should have checked if the Hairsping fit, but I did not

    I am going to try to tighten the collet up using the staking set. I wish I had the special tool pictured above, but I doubt I will find one any time soon.
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    American PW I should have checked if the Hairsping fit, but I did not

    The staff seems perfect for the watch. I have put the balance back in without the roller table or hairspring and it spins away perfectly, both face up and down, and perpendicular. In reading the responses, the danger seems to be breaking the collet. If that would to be happen, then I would be in...
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    American PW I should have checked if the Hairsping fit, but I did not

    AGGGHHHHH! I just replaced the staff on an Elgin BW Raymond, I checked to ensure that the roller table would fit, but I guess I did not check if the hairsping would fit, It turns out that the collet for the hairspring does not have enough grab on the staff to sit securely. It just spins on the...
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    Obsolete parts wanted posts

    Thanks Tom I have been doing a lot of reading on other people's problems with the 1892 pinion issue. I think I may have a long wait ahead of me before I find a replacement part that fits! There seem to have been a few different pinion sizes for the 1892. Funny thing is, none of them are...

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