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    How do you people store your broaches?

    The magnetic strip does not make the tools magnetic at least not so I have noticed

    How do you people store your broaches?

    On a magnetic strip behind me

    Help Urgos Balance wheel escapement

    Lots of good stuff thanks a lot much appreciated I really fancy that La Bounty DVD but but by the time I have paid the duty and admin charges it would be well over $80 shame it cannot be emailed

    Help Urgos Balance wheel escapement

    As much as I want to help the guy preserve his dad's clock as there is no direct Hermle replacement and no new replacement for the escapement it looks like I will turn the job down, thanks Willy for the info

    Help Urgos Balance wheel escapement

    Hi Willie pretty sure it has been oiled there is oil all over the escape wheel and a previous repairer has tried to glue a sliver of brass into a worn pivot hole which may be good news because it has probably not been apart.

    Help Urgos Balance wheel escapement

    I normally do not have much to do with balance wheel escapement clocks as I have more than enough work with pendulum clocks, But I would like to help this guy out and he has already been messed about by the only other clockmaker in the area. While in Australia his father handmade rather nice...

    Perivale Mantle Clock Missing Hour WM Chime

    You should get 8 days of 24 hour chiming with no problems if it has been fully serviced that is about 10-11 half turns of the key before you cannot wind any more, the chime spring is much more powerful and harder to turn than the other two springs so you need to make sure your are winding it...

    Perivale Mantle Clock Missing Hour WM Chime

    There should be a chime corrector on your clock so it should put its self right after and hour of miss chiming

    A couple of lathe questions

    I have always used an adjustable backplate very similar to your GripTru and never needed to use a collet in fact for most older clocks the arbors are tapered and often not even round or true, I would get a separate backplate for your four jaw but I doubt you will use it very often here are a few...
  10. AJSBSA

    Range of Horological Repairs with the Smith little Torch

    I have found nothing in clockwork that cannot be achieved with one or if silver soldering two mini torches used together first you need to heat up the solder destination you can then play the other torch on the silver solder to allow it to flow towards heated area, here is a hinge I made a...
  11. AJSBSA

    Knew Concept piercing saw

    Last Christmas I got a present of a Knew Concept piercing saw one of the all singing and dancing ones, it was an big improvement on the Grobet I had been using although the two large blade clamping nuts are too big so will be replaced with hex bolts . A couple of months ago a simpler Knew came...
  12. AJSBSA

    Buying A Lathe

    An interesting discussion, I think in metric but have no problem using an imperial lathe with a metric micrometer 4 thou is 0.10mm, 10 thou is .25mm, 20 thou is 0.50mm an easy mental exercise. What is completely incomprehensible is the fact you guys dimension drawings in decimal fractions 13/64...
  13. AJSBSA

    How to achieve all clock winding arbors to be centered?

    I think you guys are describing a bradawl easy to make cheap to buy although not something I use as a twist gimlet can perform the same task
  14. AJSBSA

    How to achieve all clock winding arbors to be centered?

    Using existing holes is my preference too, I fill them with wood filler mark the centre with a toothpick prick use the gimlet to start the screw hole when dry
  15. AJSBSA

    How to achieve all clock winding arbors to be centered?

    These are my gripping screwdrivers I use the top one the most, the twist gimlet is at the bottom, I use the clock keys to locate the movement and the twist gimlet to start the and mark the screw position (two opposite corner positions so you have some wiggle room) with the case horizontal remove...
  16. AJSBSA

    How to achieve all clock winding arbors to be centered?

    Two keys has always worked for me more importantly you need a gripping screwdriver of some description a revelation after messing about with blu-tac and magnetic screwdrivers a twist gimlet is often useful as well. I have sawn off of the handle of my twist gimlet and set it in a pin vise
  17. AJSBSA

    Traditional horological materials, e.g. Loctite.

    Loctite Retainer is wonderful stuff, I have a range of milling cutters Loctited into 20mm dia bar so I do not have to keep swapping collets on my milling machine when they get blunt I heat up the bar with a propane torch till the cutter pulls out and glue in a new one. Loctite is perfect for...
  18. AJSBSA

    Best lathe speed for drilling pivots

    I use PCB drills after using a carbide spotting drill to centre and I run both at 250 rpm, one of the advantages of PCB drills is that they are easy to remove if they break just tap them with a HHS drill shank and they turn to dust and you can start drilling again, other advantages are that...
  19. AJSBSA

    Gustav Becker mainspring size?

    springs in barrel

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