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  1. L

    Need help finding a wrist watch crystal catalog for the "C&E Marshal" Watch craft crystals I have

    Has anyone managed to get the Watch Craft catalog(s)?
  2. L

    home made watch crystals...?

    Where would I find such an article? I failed to find it using the usual search engines. I have a machine in the attic somewhere which theoretically can make a new acrylic "crystal" by copying the old one, assuming that the old one is still in one piece. I have not tried it out so far.. not even...
  3. L

    Watchmakers tool identification

    Hello Clock and Watchmakers, Do you know how to use this tool? Greiner Electronic pitonnierblock / bloc a pitonner Nr 379 Best regards, Lui
  4. L

    Lechner Jozsef

    I would recommend to read this (with google translate if you don't speak Hungarian): Lechner
  5. L

    Crystal cutter made in Austria. What does R.P.V mean?

    I got my third one. This is a Hungarian made "HORLA". Made by Lajos Horlai.
  6. L

    Dugena electric

    Hi *, I just discovered the beauty of a Kienzle 606h movement and made a few videos and pics. Best regards, lui
  7. L

    Crystal cutter made in Austria. What does R.P.V mean?

    If you are interested how are these "crystal" cutters are used here is a recent article made by a Hungarian horologist, it is written in Hungarian but i tried it with google translate and while the translation is not 100% perfect it gives you a readable and understandable text: Celluloid lap...
  8. L

    Crystal cutter made in Austria. What does R.P.V mean?

    I got my own now from ebay. :) I am going to clean it up just like the Made in England version.
  9. L

    Crystal cutter made in Austria. What does R.P.V mean?

    This is mine I just finished restoring. These were used when making your own "crystal" was faster and cheaper than nowadays. We have 24 hours delivery and online shops, makes no sense to use these anymore, i restored it because i liked it and I want to learn how to use it. I am planning to use...
  10. L

    Meridian watch timer schematic needed

    Hi Bernt, how far did you go with this? Science Museum in England has one with instructions, but I don't think they have a schematic. I am an electric engineer and have an interest in clocks and watches now, just acquired two of the mics for this meridian timer that's how I ended up here. I...

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