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  1. Tom Kloss

    French lifting pins

    I believe that WOW is correct. I've seen them angled. TOM
  2. Tom Kloss

    Understanding Seth Thomas 89 Movement Variations

    Hi Tran's Seth Thomas book list 14 variations of the 89 movement. Tom
  3. Tom Kloss

    Latest Challenge

    Hi A little cutting oil while turning might help improve the finish. But if it works that's great. You can't argue with success. Tom Kloss
  4. Tom Kloss

    Where to find lyre pendulum for massive, ornate Korean wall regulator?

    Jonas, Give me an email. I might be able to help. tomsclocks@comcast.net Tom :cool:
  5. Tom Kloss

    Can enybody tell me why?

    This a #20 drill bit I picked up at an auction. Can anybody tell me why they would do this to a drill bit? Tom
  6. Tom Kloss

    American Jefferson Electric Question

    Hi all Can anyone please tell me what the RPM of the motor for this Jefferson Suspense clock should be. Tom Kloss
  7. Tom Kloss

    Cleaning Seth Thomas Mantle clock

    That case looks like it's an adamantine finish. If it is, the case should clean up nicely. If the clock were mine, I would just clean it. It's a nice clock.
  8. Tom Kloss

    ST electric hybrid

    Hi, I belive that shutterbug is correct. Tom
  9. Tom Kloss

    Need help with a Seth Thomas clock & label

    Hi Age, my guess would pre 1914. Tom Kloss
  10. Tom Kloss

    the trouble with gilbert

    Hi, Shutter, I've seen one of these movements before. I think there is suppose to be a stop pin. If you look closely at my highlight, That wheel has a small whole punched through the crossing which creates stop pin. If that stop is broken it may be the problem. Tom
  11. Tom Kloss

    Session's Box Regulator Mainspring

    Hi. A picture of the movement would help. Tom
  12. Tom Kloss

    Missing pendulum adjuster on new acquisition

    Hi, You need a rating nut. The spring inside the bob is there to make the bob drop if you adjust rating nut. I believe, if you look closely the rod has threads pressed into the side. I had a couple of these. and I tossed them in the trash. I would replace the rod. Tom
  13. Tom Kloss

    Cuckoo cuckoo clock hands: square minute shaft

    Hi The old cuckoo clocks have this configuration. The nut that goes on the square thread should be round. However they are like hen teeth to find. If you have one don't loose it. They are no a standard metric thread. Tom Kloss
  14. Tom Kloss

    Reasons why a new mainspring would break?

    Hi, Sometimes spring just break. I'd mention it to the supllier. That picture fo the loop end of the spring. Normaly the are rivetted closed. You may have received a lemon. They may make good with a new spring. Tom
  15. Tom Kloss

    Ingraham Synchronous Movement

    Hi Mick Welcome to the MB. The sweep second hand should be a press fit. However, with an old clock it might have been on for many years. Just be careful loosening up and you'll get it. Maybe a little tiny drop of Liquid Wrench might help. Tom Kloss :cool:
  16. Tom Kloss

    Waterbury with strange bushings

    Hi, My understanding of the steel plates use is that there was shortage of brass during the Great War (WW1). The steel plates are very harsh on your reamers. Tom
  17. Tom Kloss

    Replacing collets on a longcase clock

    I'm with Troy. I wouldn't touch it. Tom
  18. Tom Kloss

    Harold Bain . . . RIP

    How sad, I looked forward to seeing Harold each year at the ESR in Syracuse.
  19. Tom Kloss

    Horolovar Kundo Clock

    Hi, Shutterbug is right ,You might try a C or D cell before you go for a new battery case. See if the clock will run at all. You might have a bad coil that the magnet passes through. If that case. Those coils are near impossible to get to. Tom K
  20. Tom Kloss

    Gilbert puzzler

    It has one of these for the countwheel. Enough notches for two strike sequences. Tom

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