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    Staking set recommendations

    Thanks BLL.
  2. R

    Luminous Material Removal

    I've wondered about replacing the zinc sulphide and a few months ago saw it being sold for that purpose. I've never tried it though. It would be an interesting experiment just to see the difference between luminova and recharged radium. Using the proper precautions, obviously.
  3. R

    Help With Steampunk Nitwits

    Hey Tim. One thing that comes to mind is music boxes since I get the impression that's the kind of speed you're looking for. I think they use the fly type speed control already mentioned.
  4. R

    Secondhand moves freely backwards when watch is tilted

    Thanks Doug, that one had me scratchin. The boss rivet.
  5. R

    Apple I-Phone App Review : Hairspring -Watch Timing Machine

    I use Kello and it's been pretty consistent once you get the pickup figured out.
  6. R

    Feintaster Watchmakers Micrometer

    I find metric easier to measure and remember but that's an individual quirk. For a stationary mic they are pretty well the standard. You will need a hand held for the ninja style measuring.
  7. R

    How to make the balance wheel and movement plates all bright and shiny?

    I found these balance complete holders on-line years ago and they are great for cleaning and polishing. A stiff artist paint brush soaked in dish soap and then worked into a chunk of red rouge does it. That cleaning method also works on plates. It's gentle enough to polish but leave the...
  8. R

    Help- My watch movement came in the wrong case! (Omega Constellation)

    The case clip is bent. The clip should go under the ring to hold the movement inside.
  9. R

    refurbishing Mainsprings?

    You could make a jig for the S curve and wind the spring around a form. For cheap non destructive testing wrap it around your chest and go in for an x-ray. :)
  10. R

    scratches under balance bridge

    I'm assuming we're talking about raising metal in general. I still come across old English and Swiss watches with the pyramid punch being used to add feet on one side or the other.
  11. R

    cleaning of a ladies wrist watch movement

    Most watches I service are 10 1/2 ligne. Going to a 5 ligne wasn't noticeably different, other than adjusting to the smaller working area. The first French Mantle clock was the challenge. It felt like herding cats.
  12. R

    cleaning of a ladies wrist watch movement

    The banner under Leghorn's name and his post count provided all the context needed for his question. Some of us recognized that.
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    Precimax Automatic Calendar Wrist Watch

    10.5 = Barrel diameter.
  14. R

    Technique for fitting Incabloc spring ?

    I use my dumont #5 tweezer points to unhook the spring but I did lose a few when I started out. The same for holding cap jewels but it takes practice to get the pressure used correct. Now when a cap jewel exits my tweezers it falls to the mat rather than making an attempt at breaking the sound...
  15. R

    Watch repair loupes

    +1 for the Behr clip ons which I use most often for servicing. I have B&L stereo zoom I use on the lathe and for running inspection and a really good vintage doublet, (U.S. made) but the wire holders get annoying after a while. Add to that the embarrassment of forgetting you have it on while...
  16. R

    Precimax Automatic Calendar Wrist Watch

    Is that the double wheel Bidynator? if so the listing is for a Zf1044, 1.40 x 10.5 x 0.11 x 350mm Seen Here
  17. R

    cleaning of a ladies wrist watch movement

    Same procedure as any other Leghorn. Depending on the size it might be shelved/layered but the pivots and arbors are the same.
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    Hanhart Cal. 41 WHO CAN FIX IT? In the USA.

    I jumped in never having worked on a Hanhart. Thanks for jumping in and clarifying the ebay issues. I would have felt bad being responsible for a bad purchase of useless parts. Thanks Frank.
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    Hanhart Cal. 41 WHO CAN FIX IT? In the USA.

    There is a Hanhart cal 41 balance with hairspring for sale on EBay right now. The same seller has the balance cock for sale on a seperate listing. The harspring is a blank so it will need to be vibrated/timed. The seller is in France. search: hanhart cal 41
  20. R

    Hanhart Cal. 41 WHO CAN FIX IT? In the USA.

    Being very collectible, there should be quite a few people with donor watches laying around. One difficulty is finding them, the other is the balance is usually the first organ to be ripped out. Ebay may be your best shot at finding a donor or parts if you can't find them here. Be prepared to...

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