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  1. Pat L.

    Emes Roturno flip clock

    If you go to this forum (shown below), you may find information about your clock. And if you don't find what you are looking for, you can ask the question there and probably get an answer from an actual flip clock fan. Forums - Flip Clock Fans Forum
  2. Pat L.

    Maybe a Whiting Clock

    I don't think the case is grain painted, although I'm not very knowledgable about that. It just looks like old varnish to me. Attached are some pictures of the dial and movement. I tried to look at the dial with a uv light, but it didn't help. Maybe I'll try again tonight when it starts...
  3. Pat L.

    Maybe a Whiting Clock

    Sorry, I neglected to mention the height of the case which is 89". The front door has a very nice, and still functioning, spring-return door latch. Another interesting thing is that the pendulum bob apparently struck the inside walls of the case while swinging, as a rectangular section of the...
  4. Pat L.

    Maybe a Whiting Clock

    This one was found in the garage of an estate sale last Thursday. The first two pictures show how it was found and the last two pictures show it roughly assembled. All of the parts are there including the weights, counter-weights, pendulum and rod. Part of the hour hand is missing and the...
  5. Pat L.

    Revere Electric Chiming Grandmother Clock

    You might want to check out this Revere manual on the Silver Dollar Productions website: Silverdollar Productions-Revere & GE Clocks-manualp-1 There's a section on the 5 tube Revere movement starting on page 11, and instructions for "if clock fails to strike" on page 19. Also, there's...

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