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  1. Eugene Bruce

    flying pendulum clock

    Thank you R. Croswell
  2. Eugene Bruce

    flying pendulum clock

    I believe that it is difficult to keep the length of the string where you intend it to be if you are tying the string. And as length of the string affects its timekeeping (inaccuracy you might say).... I believe that on the Horolovar repo you can pull the string up between the wires of the coil...
  3. Eugene Bruce

    My new flying pendulum clock reproduction

    I found it easier to remove the decorative brass bushing on the top of the case than to unscrew the center post. After removing the brass bushing I was able to pull the movement out of the front with the center post still installed. Reinstalled the movement and pushed the decorative brass...
  4. Eugene Bruce

    Bummer...The German Time Bomb

    In 1968 Texas Instruments produced an IBM compatible 10 1/2 inch computer tape drive with vacuum columns. It used a constant tension spring to counter balance the weight of the front plastic door which slid vertically in front of the tape reels.

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