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  1. RexinMinn

    Replace Quartz Movement

    My wife and I were given a very beautiful wall clock in a nicely finished walnut housing. I have a replacement quartz movement for it and am ready to install it, however I'm unsure of just how to proceed. I could google it and find a youtube video but thought I'd ask here first considering how...
  2. RexinMinn

    Ingraham Mantle Clock ca. 1920 Regulation

    Thanks very much for your reply, Jeff. That's a good suggestion about the levelness. I had not considered "level," but I will do so now just to get an idea of where we're coming from, a baseline of sorts. Have a good one!
  3. RexinMinn

    Ingraham Mantle Clock ca. 1920 Regulation

    It actually runs all week and then some. Yes, thank you, it is a beauty. It would have graced the mantle or a table at the old family farmstead in Medford, Wisconsin where my dad was born. It may have been ticking away in the living room of the house where my great-grandfather Gustav Hamann's...
  4. RexinMinn

    Ingraham Mantle Clock ca. 1920 Regulation

    Looks good to me. Would it be best if I weighed the existing bob first for comparison purposes or isn't the weight as important as the size? Thanks very much for posting this!
  5. RexinMinn

    Ingraham Mantle Clock ca. 1920 Regulation

    Last year my sister moved and wanted me to have our dad's mantle clock which apparently had been in the family since before he was born. The case I believe was stripped and refinished and it looks really good, quarter-sawn oak, beautiful grain. It has an Ingraham movement and is quite attractive...

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