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  1. brutusamiga

    Spring or no spring?

    The movement is unmarked and not numbered. Yes, the dial feet are latched. Any idea why it works fine with the assistance of a spring? I'm a bit lost as to what else I can and must do here.
  2. brutusamiga

    Spring or no spring?

    Sorry, it's a 30 day clock and not an 8 day.
  3. brutusamiga

    Spring or no spring?

    This is an 8 day Tompion. If there shouldn't be any spring assistance, the question is why it works fine with the spring on the count lever and what I should do to make it work without a spring... The count lever is supposed to drop into the middle of each slot on the countwheel. It doesn't do...
  4. brutusamiga

    Spring or no spring?

    As requested. These are some of the photos I took while disassembling the movement.
  5. brutusamiga

    Looking to Upgrade my Spring Winder

    I've a Olie Baker, Webster and Keystone. The Keystone is miles ahead of the others. It's sturdy and can easily handle large fusee and time recorder springs. I no longer use the other two winders. The Keystone is expensive but worth every penny.
  6. brutusamiga

    Spring or no spring?

    I'm worling on an old English longcase movement. On the photo you will see the count wheel. The lever above it doesn't always land in the middle of the slot in the count wheel causing the strike to go out of sync. Above that lever you will see a threaded hole and next to it two holes. I'm...
  7. brutusamiga

    Fusee spring: right or wrong?

    The springs are set and I was planning on replacing them. But I have never heard of a chime barrel spring that is exactly the same dimension as the time and strike springs especially with a barrel that is substantially larger than the time and strike barrels. The 3 fusees and the fusee chains...
  8. brutusamiga

    Fusee spring: right or wrong?

    Hello folks, I got a wonderful top drawer triple fusee musical bracket clock in. All three springs are exactly the same. They are equally long and the same strength and width. The music (chime) barrel is much bigger than the strike and time barrels. When fully wound there is about 70% space...
  9. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    Here is my new center rods. I had to buy 1m rods and simply cut it to the correct lenght.
  10. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    There is a huge demand for clock weights in South Africa. Every now and then a client phones me about his clock weights that were stolen during a robbery. Criminals sell it at scrap yards. Importing is expensive. That's why I ordered 20.
  11. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    Kinsler33 I have done just that. Their supplier admitted the mistake and they will send me the correct rods. What still boggles my mind is how a company that has been in existence since 1969 could not see that this is wrong. I don't think is it true that many of their clients do not have a...
  12. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    They now want to import rods from China to England and then send it to me in South Africa. This it the best they can do.
  13. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    No, I completely disagree. One does not see the movement of most clocks. That does not mean the job should not be done right. There is a right way of doing things and then there is a wrong way of doing things.
  14. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    Their response:
  15. brutusamiga

    New weight shells problem

    I recently imported 20 new weight shells from a well know clock supply house in England. To my surprise all the center rods consist of two pieces welded together. I think this is both nasty work and that these rods are not as strong as one single rod. I will definitely replace these rods...
  16. brutusamiga

    Holding a wheel to polish pivot

    I agree with Mark. The Rollimat is an absolute pleasure :smile:
  17. brutusamiga

    Morgan Pivot Polisher Sherline adapter base.

    I have had a Morgan pivot polisher for a few years and sadly it stopped working a week ago. How does the Morgan pivot polisher compare to the Rolimat? I know the Rolimat is more expensive but does it actually do a better job?
  18. brutusamiga

    Enfield Tall Case Movement - 10 Hammer

    Are you sure it is Enfield? I have worked on an Elliot before....
  19. brutusamiga

    Brass or Bronze

    EVERY time I order bushings from the clock supply house bronze is out of stock and I need to settle for brass.
  20. brutusamiga

    Modifying a platform escapement... or not?

    Good news! The clock is running perfectly after the EW and fork were flipped.

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