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    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch

    Thanks Oliver, and all. The information provided on this message board has been the most helpful I have to date. I'm fairly certain this site/message board is the only place where I can useful information. I very much appreciate all the work that this group has done to pull a story together...
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    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch

    Hello Graham, Oliver, and Martin, Thanks very much for your comments and information. I've been really busy ramping up in a new job and only got back to this thread this morning. I've sent the watch to a shop on the East Coast of the US last November. It's still there and they are waiting...
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    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch

    Hi Graham, Thanks for your message. I'm living in Switzerland nowadays so if you know of a place around Europe that can make a good, affordable repair I am all ears. Ideally I would like a service to make a repair that is in tune with the style of the watch, but I think finding someone with...
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    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch

    Hello, My father gave me a Joseph Johnson pocket watch. Apparently my great grandfather used it on the rail roads in the US. I can have it repaired for $1900 as follows: Replace Mainspring, Fabricate Missing Secondary Winding Click (this part is missing from movement), Fabricate Winding Key...

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