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    Hand tension design for a Hallers 400 Day

    Thx much Kurt. I'll give it a go. Best, Dave
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    Hand tension design for a Hallers 400 Day

    Thx much Kurt - do you recollect the thickness of the washer? best, Dave
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    Hand tension design for a Hallers 400 Day

    Hi folks - I am hoping someone could share what the original design was for minute hand tension on this Hallers Anniversary clock. As received at my bench, there was no hand tension. It also came to my bench without the usual hand tension spring, minute hand nut and spacer washer and it has me...
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    Serviced Waltham 1899 Hard to Wind

    Some items to check for,hard to wind: Have you greased the crown wheel core? Is the crown worn? Is the crown the correct size? Did you remove The stem and sleeve, clean and lubricate? Best, Dave
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    American PW Hamilton 992B Roller Jewel Replacement

    Hi randy - a common way to determine the roller jewel replacement is to measure the inside of the fork and deduct .02mm for clearance and purchase that size from one of the material houses like Jules Borel. Pocket watch database shows that as an 18s so I am thinking you have a single roller and...
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    Scrap or Repair? 2x 14K Swiss Repeaters circa 1890

    Hi Stephen - just catching up with your post/thread. If you have not yet found a repairer that you are satisfied with I would suggest you send to me. I restore pocket watches and work with an old master on the difficult ones. Look forward to hearing back from you Dave Morrow, CC21
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    James Nardin pocket watch- two questions

    Re: Pics of my James Nardin pocket watch. hmm. as it measures 21 lignes it is larger than even the standard 18s - - - Updated - - - this was my first post with a pic. couldn't figure out how to post it in the original thread. more to learn...
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    James Nardin pocket watch- two questions

    Pics of my James Nardin pocket watch.
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    James Nardin pocket watch- two questions

    Hi - Couple of questions for my fellow listers...As part of a recent auction lot, I'm now in possession of a pocket watch from the Swiss maker, James Nardin with "No 8590" inscribed on one of its finger bridges. For those who are familiar with this maker, is it correct to interpret this as a...
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    Help learning the name of an exhibitor who makes & sells clock hands

    Hello fellow listers When I attend the NAWCC,Eastern regional Mart in Syracuse, NY there is an exhibitor with a table full of clock hands that he makes and sells. I Thought for sure I had grabbed a business card but cannot find. I would appreciate someone sharing his name and contact info if...
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    profiles of commercial clock cutters

    Thx much Dave & Peter. the pics are great. I can see how the tooth curve (addendum) is changing as the wheel diameter gets larger. That's what I was hoping for. Dave - I can see a couple of clockclass topics being born here. thx much. dave M
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    profiles of commercial clock cutters

    I am seeking to understand what the profile change is for a given set of 8 commercial clock wheel cutters i.e. trying to understand why one cutter with the same module or pitch doesn't work and instead one needs the range of 8 cutters for the different number of teeth. Would someone have...
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    Lantern pinion wire extension for countwheel

    I've not come across such a design and would appreciate seeing a picture of this for future reference. thx much Dave @ Olde Tymes
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    400 Day Kundo Giving Me Fits........

    Putting the 400's into beat is a challenge to say the least by eye and judgement. I would recommend seeking a timing device. I use the Microset 3 with Time set to "1" and Beat set to "Beats per Second". This allows me to do turn the saddle every so slightly one way or the other to achieve the...
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    Ansonia Open Esc pivot polishing problem?

    MB folks - Craytex is the trade name in the U.S. as well and is readily available through MSC, etc. As you may know, it is a rubberized type of material, with different shapes and different sizes of the same shape permeated with sanding granules in a course, medium, fine, extra fine state...
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    Removing Hermle 341-20 from a Howard Miller case

    Hi Dave - you've got the right model HM. However, it turns out the dial was in fact attached with double sided tape. My wife's hair dryer on hot and a long thin knife got underneath it easily and lifted off the dial. Then I could easily get at the screws. Appears to be the original assembly...
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    Removing Hermle 341-20 from a Howard Miller case

    Hi Dave - my mistake, the HM Model # is 613227. The feedback I'm getting off the clocksgroup listserv is that the dial is attached with two-sided tape. I'll give that a whirl. thx. Dave

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