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  1. Pat L.

    Jahresuhren-Fabrik Plate 1260 Variant

    Kurt, Thanks for your comments about the clock. You could be right about the placement of the elephants and logo. I haven't seen a picture of a plate 1260 like the one shown in the guide, and with the suspension guard in place. But I wonder if the factory just moved the markings at some...
  2. Pat L.

    Jahresuhren-Fabrik Plate 1260 Variant

    Here are a couple of pictures of a clock that was found at auction a few years ago. It was mostly forgotten until yesterday when it was taken off the shelf, and it started running right away. Anyway, it appears to be similar to plate 1260, except the company name surrounds the second arbor...
  3. Pat L.

    Terwilliger 26th Silent Auction Catalog

    I have a copy of the catalog. It can be scanned and sent to you if you like. Send your email address if you want a scanned copy.
  4. Pat L.

    A new old JUF for my collection

    Here's one with an arrow pendulum. The movement is s/n 87889 and has a letter G in the lower-left corner.
  5. Pat L.

    Kaiser Universe - Unlikely Source for Domes

    Thanks Martin, I don't have a Kaiser clock, but I bought one of these "Cloche's" yesterday, just in case I get lucky someday and find a nice Kaiser that is missing its dome. Until that happy day comes along, it can function as an interesting nightlight, as the designer intended. Thanks again...
  6. Pat L.

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    John, Here are some pictures of the inside of the pendulum's cast brass shell and the discs that were inside of it. The bottom two discs are steel (one is used as the bottom cover), the next two discs are brass, and the last disc is copper. Note that the inside surface of the cast brass shell...
  7. Pat L.

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Eric & John, Thanks for your comments about the clock. Here are a couple of pictures of the bottom of the pendulum. The suspension spring was changed to a no. 38 a few minutes ago. We'll see how that goes. Thanks again, Pat L.
  8. Pat L.

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Hello, This clock was acquired last week and may have been made by Wurth. It looks like it could be plate 1427 in the Horolovar book. It is in running condition with 270 deg. rotation but loses approx. 75 minutes per day, and it doesn't look like there's enough pendulum adjustment left. The...
  9. Pat L.

    Wood cased kundo anniversary clock

    This one was found a couple of weeks ago at Southern Ohio. Thanks for posting the picture of your clock, and thanks to Eric for the catalog picture.
  10. Pat L.

    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    Eric, John, Kurt, Thanks a lot for the advice and information. I'll get to work on the suspension spring assembly right away and see if it might run. Thanks again. Pat L.
  11. Pat L.

    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    This one was received today from an online auction site. The serial number is 5862. The suspension spring was shown in the auction site pictures, but wasn't with the clock when it was received, except that the bottom block was found in the shipping box. I think that the .0035" suspension...

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