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  1. T.Cu

    Any patent ideas? For a Waterbury?

    Thank you very much Steven! I love these patent documents. This one seems to be about a method for crimping the decorative brass front to a strengthening piece of a bezel. I even have an S.E.Root movement, in an iron case. Pretty little lyre shaped thing. Interesting. Maybe I'll post it...
  2. T.Cu

    Any patent ideas? For a Waterbury?

    Hi, I am working on restoring or rehabilitating a Waterbury shelf clock, shown. There's a patent date stamped on the top of the dial, but I can't read the last digit. Does anyone know if there was a well known patent Waterbury had dated May 10th, 1859 (or 1850? Or 1858?). Thank you in advance, Tim
  3. T.Cu

    Crutch Adjustment

    Somewhere on this site I read someone's mnemonic for that...It think it goes "Tilt her till she ticks with pride then bend it towards the higher side". Or something to that effect?
  4. T.Cu

    Silencing strike on French Comtoise clock

    Hi, Maybe first have your friend do as wisty says. She can also use small pieces of sheet-cork with contact cement, or felt pads with sticky backs, other stuff too, like those nylon or silicon foot pad things for putting under glass. And maybe help her bend the hammer arm so the hammer is a wee...
  5. T.Cu

    Anyone know the connection here?

    Thanks again, I think this "feels" like the right connection, see below from Bill_NY in 2006, in the thread Steven posted above: "I assume you are speaking of the 'Licensed by the E.Ingraham Company' on your label. My guess would be that Welch Mfg. paid to license the Turn Back feature of the...
  6. T.Cu

    Anyone know the connection here?

    Hi, Thanks for the information, maybe that is it.. Tim
  7. T.Cu

    Anyone know the connection here?

    Hi Again, I just found another model, the "Oolah", with the same notation, from a three year old query on Reddit. No one had any answers to this man's query about the two companies working together in some form either. Might have been after Welch ran into financial trouble but before Sessions...
  8. T.Cu

    Anyone know the connection here?

    Hello all, This label is on a clock of mine and seemingly shows a connection between Welch and Ingraham, with the clock being a E.N.Welch Mfg. Co. clock but having the words "Licensed by the E. Ingraham Company" printed underneath it on the label: I saw one other thread about this from...
  9. T.Cu

    What is TIME really?

    Time is the feeling of entropy happening. Measuring time is an attempt to quantify entropy. :)
  10. T.Cu

    Sessions mechanism does not have enough power in time train

    This is a great thread for lots of us, thanks guys.
  11. T.Cu

    Any Morbier Comtoise aficionados out there?

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased this dial and surround, and am curious about the "extra" holes in the dial. They are placed below the twelve and above the six. The dial is thick ceramic, almost like a dinner plate, which on Ken McWilliams' time line makes it an old dial. I am not certain...
  12. T.Cu

    Porcelain or Enamel dials?

    I think "vitreous enamel" is a keeper for me. Makes it sound less like enamel paint.
  13. T.Cu

    Porcelain or Enamel dials?

    Tom, I have also heard the fired copper or other metal substrate with glass melting onto it dials are correctly called "enamel", not "porcelain", as you describe. My source maintains "porcelain" would have to be true porcelain, like a fired clay substance. I am interested to hear what others say.
  14. T.Cu

    Interesting Fast/Slow lever on dial.

    I see, thanks!
  15. T.Cu

    Interesting Fast/Slow lever on dial.

    Thank you Steven! I love information like this to add to my accounts of each of my clocks. Fascinating. Great account of the patent, too, to add. I am curious what about it made you think this was an earlier instance of the mechanism?
  16. T.Cu

    Interesting Fast/Slow lever on dial.

    Hi Everyone, I have a "new" New Haven clock, shown in the photos. Has anyone seen a fast slow assembly like this one? It's new to me. Can you see the lever showing below the hands? The little lever is steel and has a sheath fitting over the flat pin on the movement, and pulls off with the hands...
  17. T.Cu

    Shellac solvent alternatives?

    Alcohol quickly absorbs water anyway, and so if you have to buy some in a small quantity, like from a drug store, don't get the 70% stuff, you need the 99% or whatever stronger stuff they offer. I needed higher quantities, so I had to have a bunch of 99% shipped to me from Washington to California.
  18. T.Cu

    A Swiss Clock I can't get rated properly

    Ok, did that, maybe had the thing set up too low res. I dunno. Thank you for pointing this out. I was wondering what the heck was going on. I reset it and set it to the highest file sizes here and there in the menu, and now I hope my next attempts are better. Tim
  19. T.Cu

    A Swiss Clock I can't get rated properly

    Hi, Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been away a bit.. I don't understand why those images are so small a file. I will attempt to reset my camera, a Canon Elph Powershot point and shoot. It is supposed to be set on the highest resolution. I'll try to get the instructions online.

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