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    Cleaning Plastic Domes

    For cleaning, ordinary dish soap and dry with micro fiber cloth. If you simply want to hide or disguise the scratches, what works for me is Pledge furniture polish. Work well with old dashboard bezel's in your old car as well. Doesn't remove the fine scratches but seems to fill the fine...
  2. F

    Cleaning Polishing compound --- "Chrom......'"

    Would a product called Flitz be too harsh?
  3. F

    Repair person in Schaumberg IL (near Chicago) ??

    Here's a local one that I use when needed. I'm in the next community over in Hanover Park.
  4. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Thanks LenzkirchFan, I appreciate the response. My In-Laws will love the news. They say it keeps perfect time and yes I would agree that the movement needs cleaning. It is another one of their clocks in the basement storage. I would love to drive out that pin and once again hear the strike gong...
  5. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Can anybody date this clock? thanks, flatlander10
  6. F

    Regula 25-73 Parts?

    I repaired one of my Mother-n-Laws by drilling 2 holes 180 degrees from each other, then attached the plate to the gear with very small screw and nut. I was unable to locate a new gear anywhere for the fact they are no longer being made from what I was told by a variety of suppliers. That is...
  7. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Yes, the movement does appear to have been slimed. It is in my Father-n-Laws possession at the moment and he is somewhat of a stubborn German. He believes if it works don't fix it. Who am I to argue? The clock is the way he received it from another family member many years ago and upon receiving...
  8. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Here are the pictures of the movement. One picture displays the area in question. flatlander10
  9. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Thanks for all responses, Pictures of the movement and area in question will be posted later today Does anybody have info on this clock, such as history, builder, price range? Flatlander10
  10. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Here are some pictures of the mentioned W. Brocking Hamburgclock. Hopefully this weekend I will try to get pictures of the movement and pivot area in question. Fortunately the movement is simply removed by lifting up and disengage the pendulum, then two thumb screws and the movement slides out...
  11. F

    Cuckoo Bellows wires for this little cuckoo clock please?

    Yep, the prop it is. otherwise no cuckoo. Wouldn't make Great Grandma happy now would it.:bigsmile: I was thinking if I'm hard up enough, I may try the dimple the pivot hole. Got nothing to lose. When I got this clock, I was also intrugued by the genius of how the whistles are triggered. I'm...
  12. F

    Cuckoo Bellows wires for this little cuckoo clock please?

    Well, I have three cuckoo's going in my house, one being a Chalet with a music box an excellent purchase on ebay. That one I use as a learning tool, for learning how to set up the music box triggers. That worked very well seeing that a quarter of my Mother-n-Law's clock are with music boxes. The...
  13. F

    Cuckoo Bellows wires for this little cuckoo clock please?

    Hello all, Not meaning to change the thread. I am working on another on of my Mother-n-Laws clocks and she has a novelty movement such as the one's that are displayed in this thread. I did a search on most of the online clock parts vendors to no avail. Any idea as to where I may find a...
  14. F

    D & A Regulator clock?

    Hi all, Update on my D & A clock. I'm starting to run out of my Mother-n-Law's cuckoo clocks, guess I'll have time for mine. The D & A clock is finally getting sleepy after about 30 or so years and showing a need for some TLC. I'm assuming the springs are in need of cleaning and lube, cause it's...
  15. F

    Explanation for scary spinning clock hands?

    +1 :eek: Actually you beat me to it, I was expecting to hear doors creaking too. Being so close to Halloween and all. Sorry about the post, just couldn't help myself. Flatlander10
  16. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Hello, The star wheel is a little different but performs similar to yours. My starwheel actually is circular in nature but has prongs at 90% to the surface and these prongs are what catches this little pin to actuate the hammers. The starwheel is parallel to the front plate and the hammer arbor...
  17. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Thanks for the response, The clock at this moment is 100 miles away so at this time I cannot show nor take any pictures. I do realize that pictures would greatly increase the accuracy of the answers but reluctantly at this time I cannot provide them. Actually this little pin is pressed...
  18. F

    Help with W. Brocking wall clock

    Hello, My In-Laws pulled another clock out of their basement and on the face plate it says W. Brocking and below that it says Hamburg. It is a wooden frame with three glass sides and fancy crown on top. It is a spring driven pendulum movement one for time and one for the chime. It appears to...
  19. F

    Regula 25 Hard to Move Chain

    I too have a Regula #25-84 but without the added musical drive gears. This Helmut Kammerer built Cuckoo is being repaired for a friend that was given the clock due to the previous owner dropped it. Actually it wasn't all that bad. It just needed the mounting blocks reglued and two of the...
  20. F

    FYI - It hertz when you do that – power grid to stop regulating 60 Hz frequency

    A telephone line when it's ringing will give a jolt. Ask me how I know. Europe may use 220volts it may be a good reason to balance out the buildings power system within their grid. Also they run things at 50hz too. You're not anymore likely to get jolted with 220v than 120v. Also remember it's...

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