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    Watch Open Need a crown and case back for a Breitling Ref 81610

    I bought a Breitling Navitimer project from retiring watchmaker. I would like to complete this project but need help. Anyone that has the parts I need contact me.
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    High grade 12 size

    HI TOM I have not seen this mustache lever on any of the Elgin watches that I have seen. I have seen pictures on the internet and found that this watch has one. Just something that I never saw before.
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    High grade 12 size

    i have been looking at the watches for the late 1800 -1930's.there were very high grade smaller watches in the era. i acquired a very high grade watch that was made for jewelers from my home town. the dial is signed montgomery bros,los angeles ,ca the movement is very nice,23j,and has an unusual...
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    Is this hall mark gold or gold filled?

    Thanks gentlemen for your time and knowlegde,your efforts has been greatly appreciated.
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    Is this hall mark gold or gold filled?

    I have acquired a watch but am having trouble identifing the hallmarks on case.It looks familiar but no luck yet.Maybe some with better reference books can help me.;)
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    M.s.smith watch co 6sz

    Just got this new watch in today,signed M.S.SMITH WATCH CO.Its 6sz and the case is coin silver also signed M.S.SMITH WATCH CO,DETROIT MICHIGAN. The movement is a swiss bar style not signed.It seems original and has an excellent pair of hands.Does anyone know how manywere made?
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    Information of Ball Brotherhood safety tag

    From the information on the back of the tag,that if found it should be sent to Cleveland Ohio.I think that Ball had its HQ in Cleveland. I know of no other railroad having an organization other than Ball that would have a BRT. If I am wrong please correct.:confused :confused:
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    Information of Ball Brotherhood safety tag

    Hi Folks Here is an item that I think will get the Sherlock Holmes in you going.I came across this safety tag for the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainsman.It was issued to the employee in case of an accident or other mishap. Since the tag has a id number it should be registered with the...
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    Ball & co railroad watches

    I love to collect Ball railroad watches but I especially like to acquire those that are marked Ball & CO. Here are two example of early Ball & Co watches the 18sz is a Hamilton,the 16sz is a Waltham,both marked 17j. While all Ball watches are collectible,these early one hold a special need in...
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    First of all thanks for all the information that well versed gentlemen have given us (the watch loving community).I am interested in getting my timepiece as close to original as possible. If LARFURE does find the matching hand thats appropriate for this watch please contact me. My collection...
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    :bang: I would like more information on the Illinois Bunn Key wind in my possession.I looked on the Illinois section posted on the message board but could not find anything that pertain to my watch. The serial # is 50578 Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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    Period Waltham dial for 1859 pw

    Hi I just acquired this early Waltham P.S.Bartlett pocket watch.The serial # is 23592,11-15j (more than likely 11j).I am asking if the dial is correct for this period watch.I havn't seen one marked like this particular dial. Any information would be greatly appreciated.:)

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