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    Waltham CPR Pocket Watch

    Here's another just acquired. Serial No. 12020536 24 Hr dial in original Fortune case. Movement as new. Just finished service and runs +/- 2 sec/day Hudd
  2. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi Graham I didn’t know what the dots represented so thank you for that. Always happy to learn. I did eventually get to take a slow motion video with my iPad. Fault was mine for not following proper instructions, but I realise you are spot on with the dots appearing to coincide when amplitude...
  3. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi John I tried a dot of white nail varnish but still struggled to see so I’ve ordered some livid fluorescent green nail varnish to see if that’s better. I tried to do a slowmo video with my iPad but it only allows you to record in slomo . Play back is a problem because the recording is in the...
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    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Thanks Al I’ll take that into account. Mike
  5. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi Graham I tried a tiny spot of nail varnish but never thought to take a video and play back slow motion ! Why didn’t I think of that ? Many thanks for the tip. Hudd
  6. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi John I’ll persevere with the Timegrapher app but I understand what you are saying. I’ll try timing fully wound and then 24 hrs later and average the two. I’ll do this via the Timegrapher and by the computer clock and compare. Just as I type it occurs to me that I may be confusing rate as...
  7. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi Graham I didn’t realise that. I’ll try putting in different lift angles to see how the results vary ? Seems odd that my 18s Illinois watch was shown as losing time when in fact it gains when compared with the computer clock ? I have to say I’m new to the Timegrapher and my research led me to...
  8. H

    Help Using the Timegrapher App on My ipad

    Hi All Its been a long time ...... Today I downloaded the Timegrapher App on my ipad. Seems to work ok but I have a query .... App shows two of my 18s Walthams ( 1883 and 1892 models ) as losing around 12 sec/day when I know in reality they are both gaining around 12 sec/day ? Is this to do...
  9. H

    to all Vedette-Owners

    Many thanks for the PDF of the instruction booklet. I have two of these fine clocks and have just completed a service of one of them. Hudd
  10. H

    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Luvsthetick Great info. Much appreciated. I agree it looks like the 30 yr stamp, which would account for the lovely condition. Mike
  11. H

    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Luvsthetick Many thanks, yes got the patent stamp under the bezel ok, so it is a Ladd case ! Still not sure if it is a 20, 25,30 yr case or something else though.
  12. H

    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Rob Here are a couple of pictures of the front and back covers. The inside of the back cover is a much better finish than the front but has no mark whatsoever. As you can see from the photo of the inside of the front cover it does look to be poorer quality.
  13. H

    Ladd gold filled patents

    Hi Some few years ago I was informed this was a G W Ladd 18s case. All I can find for identification purposes is a man's head and what I presume is a serial number. Both on the inside of the front cover, which incidently looks to be a poorer finish than the outside. Is there any way of...
  14. H

    How do you store your collection?

    Hi All I store my watches in old photographic slide boxes. I strip out the internals and refit with sections of surplus laminate flooring sheet cut to size and drilled with suitable diameter hole saws to take my 18s watches. Mounted on spacers I can accommodate two trays of 8 watches each...
  15. H

    American PW Hamilton 4992B keeps overbanking

    like this:
  16. H

    The Jaccard Companies

    Here is my Hamilton 922 Mermod. Jaccard & Co. Mike
  17. H

    Chronometry: Chronometer Outer Carry Box ?

    Many thanks gentlemen for your replies. Internal dimensions without the side linings ( which would have been say 1/8" thick ) but with the baize inner top and bottom panels ( say 1/8" thick each ) work out at:- Width 9 7/16" x Height 9" x Depth front to back 9 3/4" The box does have screw...
  18. H

    Chronometry: Chronometer Outer Carry Box ?

    The question mark is because I'm not really sure what it is and its been bugging me for a long time now. I bought it several years ago to house a 1939 3 tier Mercer chronometer but the box turned out to be way too big ! I even made up a new inner liner to accommodate the inner box size but it...
  19. H

    Deck Watch: The Royal Navy's 3992B

    My 3992B is the one that was used as a comparing watch on HMS Quorn and is marked on the case back HS3 only ( No AM ). I also have an Elgin 581 with the broad arrow marks and with the HS3 on the rear cover. I guess these were used by the RN as comparing watches, but also by the RAF as Master...
  20. H

    Other PW Stabilizing porcelain dial cracks

    For dial repair I've used "Milliput Superfine White". This is a two part white epoxy which you can apply and then manipulate for quite a while to get a smooth level finish. You can tint it as you describe and try to get as good a colour match as possible, and you can when set fine polish. I...

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