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  1. Arthur Cagle

    I Want to move from Here.

    There is only one clock repairer in the City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The greater metropolitan area has a 2020 population of 870,569. I don't know of any in the suburban areas.
  2. Arthur Cagle

    Zinc Dial Re-Do

    Numerals and time track are burnished rub-ons. I got them from Ronell.
  3. Arthur Cagle

    Webster Tailstock

    I've had the Webster spring winder with the tailstock for years, but have never used the tailstock. When is it appropriate to use the tailstock, and is there anything not obvious in its use that it's helpful to know? I've read a number of posts about the winder but still don't understand the use...
  4. Arthur Cagle

    Cleaning a main spring with out serious injury

    So is the tail stock only used on barrels, not open springs?
  5. Arthur Cagle

    Cleaning a main spring with out serious injury

    I use the Webster, too, but don't understand how to use the arbor support. Any assistance, please?
  6. Arthur Cagle

    Sessions Regulator

    It's shown in Tran as circa 1935, but the style goes much farther back than that so it could be older...the company goes back to 1903, and they were making schoolhouse clocks pretty much from their beginning.
  7. Arthur Cagle

    Sessions Regulator

    That was the first clock I ever worked on, the bait that got me hooked! What a joke to call it a "regulator," right? I found that the hinge on the bezel is weak for the weight of the glass...I'd try to get glass thinner than window pane glass. and I suggest you support the bezel when you open...
  8. Arthur Cagle

    Help me identify this Gingerbread clock I rescued

    I'd say this is a clock for someone who can personally repair it or who just wants a decorative piece. Charges to have the movement cleaned and repaired to working order will exceed by far the market value. Nice clock, but gingerbreads are very common and not particularly in demand.
  9. Arthur Cagle

    Troubleshooting tips?

    Right, it's generally a third train that plays a melody as you suggest.
  10. Arthur Cagle

    Troubleshooting tips?

    You say chiming train; did you mean to say strike train?
  11. Arthur Cagle

    Which clocks will you NOT repair

    Being an ignorant 80 year old amateur, I only work on my own (FEW exceptions for friends and family) spring and weight driven. I prefer antique American. Working on an Atkins and an Ansonia right now that have driven me to distraction! I have picked up an Atmos (for $75) that I look forward to...
  12. Arthur Cagle

    Troubleshooting tips?

  13. Arthur Cagle

    Help removing old paint on orig stain cabinet

    Leave it alone, it looks good. You don't want to create a bigger problem by going too far.
  14. Arthur Cagle

    Small Sessions Mantle Clock approximate date?

    I have that same key...I was looking at it yesterday while rummaging through a bunch of keys I got from a deceased horologist. I looked at the flat end and wondered if something had snapped off leaving a flat stub. I have no idea what its purpose is. I looked through Tran's Sessions book but...
  15. Arthur Cagle

    Shellac solvent alternatives?

    How about cheap vodka? I've heard that some of that stuff would peel paint, lol, so it probably would work on shellac! Seriously, worth a shot (pun intended)! It's a wonder California hasn't banned breathing air...but they're probably working on it.
  16. Arthur Cagle

    Designing a Website to Document a Collection

    Stephen, you can set up a FB page dedicated to your collection at no cost and little effort. I did that for my wood carvings, and I add to it via a new post when I have a new carving completed. It's mostly followed by family and friends, but I allow anyone to see it. Might fill the bill for you.
  17. Arthur Cagle

    Ansonia Strike Problem

    All checks out. It ran fine on the stand, problem arose after mounting in the vase.
  18. Arthur Cagle

    Ansonia Strike Problem

    OK, the movement behaved correctly on the stand for several days. Once I mounted it in the case, it started striking erratically...it would strike correctly, then all of a sudden it would strike up to twenty times. I though the plates might have been slightly racked so I loosened up the case...
  19. Arthur Cagle

    Click Wire

    Why can't you re-bend the wire to the correct configuration?
  20. Arthur Cagle

    Dating this clock please

    You already invested $40 in it, assuming you intend to do the work yourself, why not restore it? If you're going to have someone else do the work you will be under water immediately...so in that case, restore only if you're doing it because you like it and want to keep it. Black mantels are one...

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