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    18th c Dragon bell on a Japanese lantern clock

    My old Japanese lantern clock, c.1750, with an iron movement has a most unusual bell. Japanese Museums have told me that they have never seen such a bell. Etched into the surface, or overlaid onto the bell surface, is a mythical dragon flying around Mt.Fuji. Has anyone seen such a bell on a...
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    1930's wooden cased JUF 400 day

    I have had this clock in my collection for many years but I have never seen another. The case is typical of the mantle clocks produced in the mid 1930's which corresponds nicely to the movement, which is JUF with the Double Elephant logo, rear wind. The small bevelled glass window below the dial...
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    Help ID : P. Allana & Sons Olympic Karachi

    I am sending this message on behalf of a clockie friend. Please contact me off line as I too have a "P. Allana & Sons. Karachi " dialed clock. My name is Clive Pickering and I live in Kiama Downs, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA. My email address is: cj_pick@bigpond.com
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    Miniature Kienzle calendar clock

    These Kienzle calendar clocks work reliably if the two star wheels ( day & date ) are friction free and when disconnected from the hour wheel, spin freely. Then the springs which keep the star wheels in position must be very soft and long, to apply light but positive positioning pressure...
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    Sharing recent art deco addition

    This clock is a beautiful rendition of chrome in motion and deserves to have a glass dome with a mirrored back so as to reflect the light even more than just the cubes. The dome has been silvered on 1/3 of the outside then coated with a grey protective material. The reflection of the...
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    Unusual Miniature Skeleton Clock

    Here's another miniature GB skeleton from the same maker as the one in question. This one has the coronet pendulum and a faux onyx base. Plates and dial. Some pendulum parts. The pendulum. The dial. The finished clock.
  7. F

    Miniature Kienzle calendar clock

    This is the full size Kienzle calendar 400-day clock made in 1912. Dials have been reported with the days of the week in German, English and this one in French. This is my most recent creation being a miniature model using a KOMA midget 400 day movement with the day/date cadrature added to...
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    Schatz Jubilee question

    Here is an original advert for the Jubilee clock. For sale in UK GBP300.
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    Eureka Eureka clock balance spring

    The balance spring on the Eureka electric clock is very unique and at present new replacements are not made, hence restoration of clocks with faulty, damaged, or modified balance springs cannot be adequately carried out. There is light at the end of the tunnel however. Negotiations are in...
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    Grandfather size torsion movement

    I studied this situation many years ago and produced a full size "Austrian" dachluhr cased torsion clock using a Schatz 49 movement, converted to weight drive. Theoretically, the pendulum can be any length you like but the suspension spring remains the same as it would be in the standard glass...
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    A small (very small) torsion pendulum clock

    Here's another mini 400 day in a 4-glass case next to a full size front wind "Anniversary" 400 day. This is not a carriage clock case.Again a Kern midget movement.
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    A small (very small) torsion pendulum clock

    Here are a couple of my past projects along the same lines, using midget Kern 400 day movements.
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    Haller six month running torsion clock

    I intentionally paid a visit to the Siegfried Haller Uhrenfabtik (clock factory) in Simonswald, Black Forest in 2001 to inspect the production of these 200 day torsion clocks. Manfred Haller guided me around the facility but it was obvious the business was about to close down. In the show room...
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    Electric Marti

    Hans, It is quite evident that the plates used in your clock have provision for the strike train. Either they were never put in or they have been removed in the life of the clock. A nice Art Deco example of clocks I have never heard of or seen. Thanks for posting your clock. Lindsay.
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    Kienzle Miniature 400 Day Clock.

    The midget model is put into perspective when seated beside its big brother.
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    Electric Marti

    Fritz Marti, a French maker of excellent quality mechanical clocks in the late 1800's to early 1900's, is the maker of this most unusual and rare clock. It appear to be factory made from standard round plate materials however the time and strike mechanisms are driven by a single barrel which is...
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    Tiffany Tiffany Double Contact Movement

    Hi Frank, I believe that by removing the lump at the top of the pin you have gone a way to eliminating your problem. As I pointed out before the lump was causing the horizontal pins to ride out and around the lump. The original glass pin is straight and equal in diameter if not a little smaller...
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    Tiffany Tiffany Double Contact Movement

    Hi Frank, You say you are having trouble adjusting the clock. Just what are you having trouble adjusting, the beat or the timekeeping?
  19. F

    Tiffany Tiffany Double Contact Movement

    All 4 of my Tiffany 2x contact clocks have the original silver tube and glass impulse pin fitted and in all cases they are bent towards the front of the clock and towards the suspension spring. The only reason that I can think of for the bend is related to leverage. Being bent towards the front...

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