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Search results

  1. joetime

    American pocket watch holder

    Here's another one I like it's my Civil War canon holder,Joe
  2. joetime

    American pocket watch holder

    Here one I like Joe
  3. joetime

    Show Your Special American Collections

    Here is my Tremont/Melrose Collection
  4. joetime

    $ Watch looking for 10 size key wind case

    I need a 10 size key wind case,case only
  5. joetime

    New Acquisitions Forum, should we bring it back?

    yes I would like to see the new Acquisition forum return just to show new watch only.
  6. Western Watch Co

    Western Watch Co

    Western Watch Co. on the movement serial number 28669
  7. Western Watch Co.

    Western Watch Co.

    salesman sample case enamel dial unsigned
  8. Album By joetime

    Album By joetime

    Western Watch Co.
  9. joetime

    What did you find in 2019?

    My best find this year was the Western watch Co.it was the creation of Albert Troller who had purchased the remaining materials of the California watch Co.(in later years,Troller became Superintendent of the Rockford Watch Co.)and the Western Watch Co.achieved only a very small output.This...
  10. joetime

    The final piece of the the puzzle (at least for now)

    that's a really nice one
  11. joetime

    Tremont serial # list (and movement photos)

    one of the 3/4 plate Washington st sn#40149 you might have typo
  12. joetime

    Brand you collect most

    For me it is Tremont
  13. joetime

    Let's see your earliest Hampdens

    serial 78028 Hampden Dial Joetime
  14. joetime

    American watches nickel plates

    I have a New York Watch Co,Springfied Mass 15j J.C.Perry nickel plated s/n52844
  15. joetime

    Hi, not a Verge, I sometimes buy interesting Swiss movements. Gallet oddity for the American Marke

    One cool thing I wanted to mention the clear jewels is like a view port for watching the movement running there is a brass triangle that's is spinning away.
  16. joetime

    Hi, not a Verge, I sometimes buy interesting Swiss movements. Gallet oddity for the American Marke

    Hello Omexa just picked this up a couple weeks ago this rare J.GALLET'S AMERICAN WATCH IN A FINE SILVER HUNTER CASE Swiss made lever escapement gilt watch movement has blued screws and some large clear jewels the movement is stem wind and pin set written on the movement is J' Gallet's American...
  17. joetime

    New York Watch Co.

    Observed-Fredk BILLINGS SN#31949 15J,Aaron Bagg SN#25496 7J,J.C.PERRY SN#52844 Nickel plate 15J,all have New York Dial
  18. joetime

    Tremont serial # list (and movement photos)

    I have of two unmarked dials example already posted sn#1046 an sn#1328 both 7j
  19. joetime

    Tremont serial # list (and movement photos)

    3/4 Tremont Washington ST 15j sn#40149,Tremont private label 7j sn#1046,Tremont 7j sn#1328,Temont 15j sn#8864,English Watch Tremont 7j sn#120161,Melrose 11j sn#31882.here some i have joe
  20. joetime

    ? Was this pocket watch made by the Tremont watch co (low serial number 1046)

    Hey Tom you're right American made case found an old thread about Blauer cases and John Wilterding

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