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    Identify tool II

    Here is a second tool at the NAWCC Museum that we cannot identify. The small piece with all the grooves is a dovetail slide. The large top is also a dovetail slide left and right on the bottom piece. What is it? Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  2. D

    Identify tool I

    We have a couple of tools at the NAWCC Museum that we cannot identify. The first one appears to be some kind of lathe or turns. What is it? Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  3. D

    ID and Dating of my Benrus watch??

    DaveS777 That post was a long time ago. I am not sure what you are asking, but I'll make a stab at it. Yes, you should always take the watch apart to all moving parts. If you do not have find replacement parts or make major adjustments, it takes about 3 hours to overhaul a watch. Some of...
  4. D

    A11 spec. no. 94-27834

    I know from the Hamilton records that they would make a contract for a few hundred watches to be delivered under specific specifications. For example, there were dozens of contracts for the 4992B master navigation watch. I do not think the government could change the specification for that...
  5. D

    A11 spec. no. 94-27834

    I think what he is asking has to do with the modifications made in the A11 specifications. For example, in September 1944 the specifications 94-27834-C were put out and said: Modification D came out in June 1945 and stated that the letter "D" be used on the back of the watch. I do not know...
  6. D

    I recently purchased a Hamilton Chronometer

    Dr. Jon said: "My view, which is heretical and outside the mainstream, is that the Model 21 was a colossal blunder. All the lives lost because we could not get enough model 21's to sea are an enduring memorial to the idiocy and pig headedness of the Naval Observatory and it minions. The...
  7. D

    I recently purchased a Hamilton Chronometer

    This is from the Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer Manual And this from the model 22 manual Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  8. D

    Returning NAWCC Museum

    I look forward to seeing you again. We owe you so much for all the great work you have done for the Museum. Yes, we have many jobber catalogs in the Library that show tools. I shall be there most Fridays and I am happy to show you where things are located. Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  9. D

    Identify age of Hamilton 770.

    Is it one of these from the 1956 Hamilton catalog? There are lots of cases from this time that look similar. If we had a picture of your watch, it would help a great deal. As others have said, the 770 movement was introduced August 1, 1955. I know it was still being produced in 1958, when...
  10. D

    Can you ID the model name of this 1930's Elgin?

    For reference, here are the Factory Cased Elgins from 1929. Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  11. D

    Schatz Platform Escapement

    A friend of mine is looking for a Schatz platform escapement for a time and strike. Can anyone help him find one? Thanks, Don Dahlberg NAWCC volunteer
  12. D

    Timing A 992B

    I am going to attempt to answer the original question. When you check the rate of the watch we either use a timing machine for check the watch relative to a standard time over a 24 hour period. If you do the latter, make sure the watch is held in place. For example, if you hang a watch from...
  13. D

    Waltham Riverside 21 O Size

    Go to http://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/waltham/ and put in your serial number. Don
  14. D

    Is Shugart the only option for pricing vintage wristwatches?

    The best way to value watches is to study the prices paid for identical or similar watches on internet auction sites like Ebay. Follow the auctions and look at completed auctions. Ebay keeps them on the site for 30 days. Be sure to notice condition, because it definitely matters. This...
  15. D

    Hamilton grade 753 movement info requested

    You also asked about precision for these watches. Wristwatches in common grades were not well adjusted or regulated. Before they were cased they had to keep time within 45 seconds per day over all positions and were regulated to -5 to +20 seconds per day. Once cased they had to keep time...
  16. D

    Hamilton grade 753 movement info requested

    Here is the first page from the Service Bulletin 206 Don
  17. D

    Hamilton grade 753 movement info requested

    Here is the information that you requested. Don
  18. D

    Help identifying a Gruen Curvex

    Sorry, but no photographs visible. Don
  19. D

    Double Sunk Dial Fell Apart

    What kind of dial? Porcelain dials were soldered together using a low melting solder, so a glue might be the best you can do. Don
  20. D

    Evidence of ladies wristwatch in the US in the 19th.C.

    The earliest I have for a ladies' Hamilton wristwatch is 1914. We do not have a 1913 catalog. The earliest I have for a men's Hamilton wristwatch is 1916. Of course, European imports would be coming in much sooner than this. Don

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