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  1. ddkhalaji

    In two minds about purchasing a watchmakers lathe. Wisdom sought.

    Two principles that I use for buying watchmaking lathe are; 1) Buy good quality 2) Buy the most you can afford - If you go down the cheaper less accessories route. The accessories will come up, whenever they come up - you have no control. It will end up costing you more without a doubt. Life...
  2. ddkhalaji

    Lorch gib plate and absurdly long D-bed

    That's looks good Karl, great work! I didn't know which steel to use, and your thread and duschan's post made me research it. Now I know I would definitely use cold rolled steel.:coolsign:
  3. ddkhalaji

    Make a Counter Sink Tool

    Hello, I made a video demonstration of making a 45 degree counter sink out of silver steel/drill rod, also there is a link for the free plans available in metric or imperial. I think making this tool is great way to introduce filing in the lathe, and also heat treating...
  4. ddkhalaji

    Help to identify tools

    Beautifully made Dushan!
  5. ddkhalaji

    Video on Sharpening Hand Gravers

    Thanks Karl, yes, it was a problem when I first started, and a mentor of mine let me in on the trick. Thanks for the link I am familiar with that video, those guys produce great content.
  6. ddkhalaji

    Video on Sharpening Hand Gravers

    Hello, I put together a video demonstrating how to sharpen 2 basic gravers for use on the watchmakers lathet. I'm going to follow up with more watchmakers lathe tutorials, I do hope it does help someone :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCb_ZHGb9ws Regards, Dean DK
  7. ddkhalaji

    Making Handmade Horological Screws

    Hi guys, I thought I would share my experience in making small handmade screws. The screw is made from water hardening silver steel (drill rod) has a M1.0 thread, Ø2mm head and a total length 3mm. I struggled capturing the blueing process this time as my head would get in the way of the...
  8. ddkhalaji

    maisnpring pliers to fixed broken mainspring???

    I really like the punch R&A described. I thought I would mention once you have annealed and cut off the old eye. Center-punch the spring where your new hole will be, it will make it a lot easier when using the punch, especially since the punches have nipples on the end. I usually punch two...

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