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    Seth Thomas Ships Clock 6" Dial

    This interesting dial has dual hour hands, four hours apart. What is the purpose? Also, the dial is marked US Maritime Commission. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Brian
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    Eli Terry Pillar & Scroll

    I rescued this clock from being trashed. The clock is pretty much complete. There's a hand missing and a couple of pieces of the case need to be recreated. Restoring this clock is beyond anything I can get done here in my part of the world. Is this a clock I could sell to someone for...
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    Schlup W Watch

    Can anyone provide the history and information on this pocketwatch. Apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, asking for a friend. Thank you Brian
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    Small Wall Clock

    I picked up this clock at an estate sale last summer. It is missing its topper and had several other mechanical issues, including the wrong pendulum. Everything has been fixed and the clock is now working okay. I'd like to know any information about the clock. For instance, is this a...
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    Anyone recognize the maker of this watch?

    The only setting comes from pulling out the crown. If you advance the time, at the 24 hour mark, the calendar features adjust.
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    Help needed Private Label Rockford

    Thanks for the info. I will keep it with the watch. Interesting this watch made it to St. John, New Brunswick where I purchased it 3 or 4 years ago. .
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    Help needed Private Label Rockford

    I've had this early Rockford key wind in my collection for several years. I cannot decipher the name of the jeweler on the back of the movement. We think it's Swezy? but can't find any reference in Middletown NY for that name. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian
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    Anyone recognize the maker of this watch?

    It does work properly which would make this an impressive watch. Best regards, Brian
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    Anyone recognize the maker of this watch?

    Posting these pics for a friend who would like to ID this watch. Many thanks, Brian
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    Waltham Model 1883's

    This is my collection of Waltham's Model 1883's. With the exception of the Santa Fe Route, all the watches were acquired by me over the years in Canada. Row 1: Dominion Railways 3838815, CPR 3957170, CPR Dial Bartlett 5331710 Row 2: Santa Fe Route 6514915, Made for Cdn Time Service 11047043...
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    "Ask the man who owns one"

    I'm going to print this information and keep it with the watch. Many thanks, Brian
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    "Ask the man who owns one"

    Waltham Presentation Watch, 14K Gold Watch and Chain. rose gold?
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    Elgin BW Raymond Grade 571

    I note the Bulletin article referred to in my first post stated the Canadian examples they observed were Factory Cased. The article states Canadian pocket case production may have ceased by the time these watches were produced.
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    Elgin BW Raymond Grade 571

    I purchased this watch about a year ago. In looking at the excellent articles written in the Bulletin in 1996 about the Elgin 571 by E. Uberall and K. Singer, I learned that the Elgin 571's sold in to the Canadian market were factory cased. This watch is in a Canadian made case that looks...
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    Elgin 23 jewel Veritas

    I recently acquired this watch. I had it cleaned and serviced and re-cased into the Keystone case which seems more appropriate than the swing out case (also a replacement it was in at the time of purchase). The pocket watch data base lists this watch as a Model 15 Grade 453 Veritas of which...
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    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    I talked to Jim this morning, and he was a great help. The clock is a Chelsea made during WW I. The case is a Seth Thomas. According to Jim, since the Chelsea fits in to the Seth Thomas case, and the Seth Thomas fits in to the Chelsea case, this is not uncommon to see this marriage, which...
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    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    I contacted Jim Dyson who was very helpful. The number on the back of the case is marked #L36. Removing the clock from the case the serial number on the movement is #107889 which is the same number marked on the dial.
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    Elgin B W Raymond 23J Wind Indicator

    Thanks John. When I purchased the watch the crown and bow were missing. I will look for a more appropriate bow.
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    Elgin B W Raymond 23J Wind Indicator

    I purchased this watch some time ago, and thought I would post it so the serial number can be recorded. 34900200. Appears to be a nice original watch in a nice original case marked Cased and Timed by Elgin National Watch Company. Regards, Brian
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    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    Thanks. I'll contact him.

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