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Search results for query: joseph johnson

  1. G

    Legit Joseph Johnson?

    Hello everyone. New to the hobby and still learning. Is this a legit Johnson? Very rough and unrepaired. It belonged to my grandfather. Ideas on the date of manufacture. Also, any recommendations on repair in the southeast US near Charlotte, NC? Thanks
  2. L

    Joseph Johnson in gold

    ...One, a complete marine chronometer signed for Russells of Liverpool, is on its way from the United States; the other, an early Joseph Johnson watch in its original gold case, is ticking strongly under my nose as I write. No. 3272 is a twelve-jewel Massey I movement – twelve jewels rather...
  3. M

    Chronometer by Joseph Johnson Liverpool....Info needed....Please help!

    I have received this Chronometer through an inheritance. I really cant find no info about it on the internet. Could someone please help me with the year, value and any other information? Thanks!!
  4. proconsul

    Joseph Johnson watch case?

    I was just wondering If I will ever be able to find a case for my 2 Joseph Johnson movements while he was at 25 church st,Liverpool .I've been looking around for a couple years and I wouldnt bother but they are both Railway Timekeepers and about the 18s in American sizes
  5. C

    Ebay pickup....Historical CW Joseph Johnson identified watch

    ...original. The balance is good, but it is missing a couple of parts and the chain has come off, but the notable repairman says these Joseph Johnson movements are very close in nature to the next one. He says it can be fixed. I think it is well worth the expense (don't know just how much at...
  6. W

    Joseph Johnson Fusee #7067 - help please

    I received this watch from my great aunt and need help dating this watch and determining it’s value. Her husband was an avid watch/clock collector and I believe it is all original. It currently does not run but acts like it wants to if you give the balance wheel a light spin. Serial number 7076...
  7. I

    Overwound a Joseph Johnson pocket watch.

    Anybody any ideas as to how to release the power in the spring safely please? I have a Dent, London carriage clock that has a release catch at the rear of the movement to reiease sn overwound spring and was wondering whether there was a similar catch somewhere accessible on the rear of the...
  8. L

    My latest Joseph Johnson

    Here is Joseph Johnson No. 30309, a 19-jewel English-lever fusee with compensated balance in a silver case with Chester hallmarks for 1861. John Matthews brought it to my notice as a candidate for the Johnson database, as he has often done recently (thank you, John!), and I determined to bag it...
  9. Robert Stroud

    Joseph Johnson Liverpool

  10. L

    Joseph Johnson: first attempt at a dating graph

    I do not usually mention updates to the Johnson database here, but I thought it might be of interest to say that for the first time I have attempted a graph correlating serial numbers with hallmark dates. The evidence for this is still extremely scanty – I have seven credible dates between Nos...
  11. J

    Joseph Johnson watch serial #80024, hunter case

    A local auction was held on January 20, which is a holiday in the States, and so I went. I bought the watch described herein. Both the case and the movement are marked with the same serial number. I believe it's a 14s. The watch has a gold-colored balance, possibly a low-grade gold to increase...
  12. F

    English PW Hands for a Joseph Johnson fusee.

    I have a Joseph Johnson fusee (I'm attaching a photo) with incorrect hands. I'd like to hear from someone regarding replacement hands of the appropriate style. The original hands were lost long ago, and the hands it carries now were put on by a jeweler that cleaned the movement for me years...
  13. F

    Joseph Johnson fusee #10320

    I inherited this piece from ancestors in Edgefield, SC. As you can see, it's a Joseph Johnson movement. The minute/hour hands were missing (the second hand is orignal, I think), and a jeweler that repaired/cleaned it for me many years ago put these hands on. I know they aren't correct, and I'd...
  14. A

    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch from 1802

    Hello, I have just bought this Joseph Johnson 51mm Pocket Watch from around 1802. I've yet to pick it up but does anyone know where to have it serviced or looked at (in London, UK) to see what state it's in. I've a couple of pocket watches from the 1940's/50's but nothing this old. Any idea of...
  15. Jay Mattson

    Joseph Johnson No. 6287 help please!

    Hello, I have a Joseph Johnson pocket watch that I am hoping to find some information on. The movement is marked Jos H Johnson No.6287 Liverpool. The case has three makers marks, a shield, a lion, and a letter in old English that I can't decipher. It also has the letters WC in regular script and...
  16. T

    Question about Joseph Johnson balance wheel

    This is my second Joseph Johnson pocket watch movement, so I've done some homework on them, but I have a question about this one. It has the Massey III escape and is marked for it on the cock. It looks fairly typical of others around this serial number. What is the purpose of the metal brackets...
  17. Rick Taylor

    Joseph Johnson London - Help with identification

    Hello: Found this pocket watch in all my watch stuff. Don't even recall where I obtained it! In reading the threads here, it would appear that this is actually a Swiss watch movement? It is in a silver case, but I haven't been able to figure out the case marks. It does not have a crystal...
  18. D

    Joseph Johnson Pocket Watch

    Hello, My father gave me a Joseph Johnson pocket watch. Apparently my great grandfather used it on the rail roads in the US. I can have it repaired for $1900 as follows: Replace Mainspring, Fabricate Missing Secondary Winding Click (this part is missing from movement), Fabricate Winding Key...
  19. John Matthews

    Joseph Johnson Family Tree

    I have spent this afternoon trying to better understand the descendants of Joseph Johnson. As a result I would like to share my first attempt at a family tree. I have used the introduction that Oliver produced at the beginning of his database and the records of the Liverpool Museum database. I...
  20. John Matthews

    Joseph Johnson Liverpool runner single roller lever movement #9326

    This single roller Liverpool runner, with Liverpool (quartz?) jewelling, size 16 movement, signed Josh Johnson Liverpool 9326, is not in the greatest condition, neither it appears was it ever finished to a high standard. It was bought cheaply as a non-runner, but with a new chain and a service...

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