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    Repairing a 1920s Gilbert Mantle Clock

    OK. I got my C spring clips, I got my turn down key (#6 for this Gilbert). I removed the pendulum arm (will look at repairing that screw later...) and the chime arms. I followed the directions in the Conover book to let down the springs into the C clips. The C clips appear to be holding the...
  2. M

    Repairing a 1920s Gilbert Mantle Clock

    Thank you to everyone for the welcome and the thoughtful advice. I feel like I've learned a bunch just from the replies. For now I think I will just wait for the book suggested by RC and after reading then go from there. I'll be back... -Mark
  3. M

    Repairing a 1920s Gilbert Mantle Clock

    I was able to dismantle the clock (after figuring out how to remove the hour hand...), and I successfully removed the actual clock mechanism. And there are a few things wrong that I noticed before going further with disassembly. Before jumping in to that, I just want to say that I am a complete...
  4. M

    Removing hour hand from Gilbert mantle clock

    ...yeah, that did the trick. I think I need to make a video of taking the hands off the clock for future folks like me asking the same question. Thank you. Of course, now that I have the clock all taken apart, I see other issues, but I'll post on different threads for that.
  5. M

    Removing hour hand from Gilbert mantle clock

    I have an old Gilbert mantle clock, most likely from the 1920's. I am going to dismantle it for restoration, but...I am stuck struggling to even get the hour hand off so I can remove the face and clock mechanism. I know it is supposed to be pressure fitted, but it sure looks like there is...

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