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Search results

  1. B

    Repair of 974 Hamilton Pocket watch

    Well I guess Im a sucker 200 for full ovelhaul. 6 to 8 weeks As long as it get done perfect Ill be happy. Im comforatable working on american clock movement but thats all:/:
  2. B

    Repair of 974 Hamilton Pocket watch

    Yes cost and then the fact that its main pivot may or may not need to be repaired.
  3. B

    Repair of 974 Hamilton Pocket watch

    Im on the fence whether or not to get my watch serviced? A local guy said probably around 200. I was my great grandfathers and I like to have it serviced. I does work but loses a couple of nimute in twelve hours. I read that it should be 30 secounds a week? Any suggestions would be apprciated...
  4. B

    Switzerland Standard Tweezers

    How about Wiha tweezers , they look nice ?
  5. B

    Bronze gilt clock - Restore or not?

    Not! looks awesome!!!!
  6. B

    Very strange clock(I want one)

    Sorry about that I missed that Thanks
  7. B

    Very strange clock(I want one)

    Had to share this , My father forwarded it to me Amazing!!!!!!!:o http://news.cnet.com/stephen-hawking-unveils-oddest-clock-ever/ Enjoy
  8. B

    I dont my first bushing replacement!

    Tell me about it I too find it very rewarding:cool:
  9. B

    8day german plate clock

    Havent had any money for clocks lately so Im looking forward to it Thanks
  10. B

    8day german plate clock

    I gave it a complete overhual when I acuired it Maybe I missed something?:confused:
  11. B

    8day german plate clock

    bought this 6 months ago or so has been running pretty great for all that time . would amost make it a full week on one wind so I just wound it a couple times a week. Just recently its be stopping maybe twice in one week Do you guys think I should replace the spring, it is a very small spring...
  12. B

    Build Your Own Spring Winder

    Had Joes winder not been avialable to me, I dont know if I be able to service my clocks The others are just so expensive I love mine!!!! As a novice, I highly recommend it:)
  13. B

    Gilbert Longbranch Restoration

    Ive got one of these and Its probably one of my favorites Keeps great time If you need any measurements, please PM me http://thumb13.webshots.net/t/55/755/7/1/30/2301701300073437793pYNufB_th.jpg
  14. B

    What about this Seth?

    I just wored on a similair movement from a "Milan" city clock Keeps pretty good time IMHO
  15. B

    Staking sets are they all the same?

    Man, I know they are for watch repair But Ive found mine invaluable for my clock repair especially setting my bushings straight in the plates
  16. B


    I normally have to tell them I want Priority mail or otherwise they pick the most convinent to them, Which always takes the longest. I prefer Merrits customer service alot better for some reason;) But as stated, Timesavers offers more
  17. B

    Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock Below Levers

    Im glad I used the search function This answered the question I had on the correct sound of the clock Im working on One of the lifting levers was missing so I had to make one from scratch It was a first but works well :cool: Thanks NAWCC
  18. B

    Observe a repair - not only for beginners

    Wonderful linky!!! Thanks Never seen one of those Look very $$$$:(
  19. B

    Applying spring oil...Tool??

    Stopped by a clock repair shop and they said just to rub it on with a cloth or clean rag, paper towel , Tissue
  20. B

    Applying spring oil...Tool??

    How does one apply 8200 Mobuis oil to springs? I had been using ATF and the green side of the kitchen sponge:confused: TIA

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