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    miniature wheel \ gear puller

    Thanks for all the great advice the parts that I want to remove and then reinstall are the locking plate, gathering pallet and any other "stuck" gears on a New haven triple plate chime movement that I want to clean and reassemble. I have used the lever method on watches as well as the stake...
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    miniature wheel \ gear puller

    Any recommendations for a miniature wheel or gear puller for use in removing stuck on clock gears. could use a stake set but i would like to limit the use of hammers on brass clock movements if a puller would work . Thanks. Carl
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    L&R watch cleanning machine repair

    Does anyone know if Time Machine Repair is still operating ? I can"t seem to reach them and I need to get my L&R master cleaning machine repaired. Are their any other places that work on these machines? Thanks.
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    staking set vs jewelling set

    I would like to know anyone's ideas on a staking press vs a jewelling press for setting friction jewels. I have a Marshall staking set which is missing all of the jewelling punches and reamers. Do you think I would better results with the staking set " if I were to find all the missing parts "...
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    taig lathe mods.

    I am thinking of picking up a taig lathe to help in watch and clock work, and I would like to know what modifications others have made to the basic lathe that have helped them in the hobby. I would also like to know if taig makes an adapter that will hold 8mm collets from a watch makers lathe...
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    parts needed foe kwm bushing machine

    I need to replace the centering shaft on my older model KWM bushing machine(bent). I have no part number for shaft or model number for the machine. Does anyone know it the part offered by Merrits will work on older machine or where I can find parts? Thanks Carl
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    drill press for bushing

    Thinking of getting a bench top or "mini" drill press to use as a bushing machine. Anyone have brand name recommendations or stories to share?

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