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    Maximizing Pendulum Rotation

    One of my JUF clock with double Elephant mark and small diameter pendulum can rotate 460º with 90º over swing. I posted it longtime ago. See the following link for the post. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/juf-circle-and-double-elephant-with-adoria-adjusted-signed-dial.127821/#post-985003 How can...
  2. M

    Haunted Kundo 400 Day Clock

    I do not know exactly what course the clock to stop when the lid closed. I have two such clocks and they run well. I know the bottom mounting plate is thin. You can check to see after putting on the lid, is one of the four feet become suspended (not touch the table top or become loosely touch)...
  3. M

    My first UK purchase

    You can also use a schatz standard clock main spring if you have a spare one. Ming
  4. M

    Lacquer for brass

    It worked for me. There were no flowing problem. I guess that practice is the key to get good result. I can see the improvement of my work. Maybe, we do not have same perception of satisfactory result. If Mohawk woks for you, keep using it. I have never tried any other lacquers since...
  5. M

    Lacquer for brass

    This is what I use for all my 400-day clocks. You can purchase it from Walmart. I polished and lacquered 90% of my brass clocks. They do not require polish job again. Ming
  6. M

    Aircraft compass quartz clock. Trinteck Industries. Made in Canada

    The shaft is quite deep inside. At least 0.25” deep. you may be able to use a needle go in to feel it. The movement with a second stop switch is for more precise time synchronization. I have a few quartz clocks use similar design. Ming
  7. M

    Aircraft compass quartz clock. Trinteck Industries. Made in Canada

    The movement was designed with a second hand. But the clock maker chose not to use second hand. Ming
  8. M

    Aircraft compass quartz clock. Trinteck Industries. Made in Canada

    the On/Off switch is for stop the second hand at zero to synchronize the time. Ming
  9. M

    In-beat Gustav Becker case clock runs for 40 minutes, slowing down all the time

    Peter, I used a micrometer to measure. Caliper will work as long as you are familiar to the caliper you are measuring with. Keep the same pressure you push to measure before and after sanding. Measure top, center and bottom of the spring. Keep in mind a portion of the spring will be cut off...
  10. M

    In-beat Gustav Becker case clock runs for 40 minutes, slowing down all the time

    FYI, l have four Gustav Becker clocks, 1903,1906, 1910 and 1913, using 0.00425” suspension spring. I thinned down from 0.0045” standard springs. Ming
  11. M

    Schatz 1000 washer

    I have three Royal, only one of them is curved plates dated 7 57, R & R. Ming
  12. M

    Repainting turquoise Schatz 49 400 day clock

    Gyro, Yes, I did two reds, one blue, three blacks and one sky blue. The others shown below. They are not perfect, but with considerable improvement. To do the chapter ring, I first chip off the old paint, then dispensed the spray paint into a collector, used a syringe to suck up the paint and...
  13. M

    Repainting turquoise Schatz 49 400 day clock

    This is how I did it: I chipped off all the old paint. If old pain is tough to chip off, use lacquer thinner to take them off. After clean the old pain off, polish the entire piece and spray lacquer to cover the polished piece. Then, cut the 3M electrical tape to mask the area not to be pained...
  14. M

    Post Your BHA Logo (by Becker) 400-Day Clocks Here

    Kurt, it is good to hear that you interacted with John Hubby. Did you know why he is not active here. Please share. Ming
  15. M

    Setting beat with Becker No.4 bracket ie no adjustment

    I think bending at bottom of the top block is easier. But bend very little at a time. Ming
  16. M

    Purple?? disk on a GB 400 day clock

    Keith, Mine has a matching number. Ming
  17. M

    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    David, it is not a GB, it is a JUL. Ming
  18. M

    Cleaning pivot holes too small for tooth pick?

    Ken, you can find tooth pick made of bamboo. You can sharpen the tip. I also use size 220 sewing thread to go through the pivot hole to clean. Of course, after the thread through the hole, you need to wet the thread with cleaning solution. These are the way I use foe small holes. I am sure...

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