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    Unrealistically low purchase costs of fine watches -------------

    Here is a twist that happened to me just a few weeks ago. I went to a local antique show and ran across a seller who is a well known professional local coin dealer and scrap gold/silver buyer. As with many professional coin dealers they had a few antique pocket watches offered for sale. In...
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    Illinois Capital 21j questions

    Thanks, Squite & Kent, for the info.
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    Illinois Capital 21j questions

    I am no expert on Illinois and request some info on this one. Currently on my bench I have a 16s 21j Illinois "Capital" ser # 3980361. This pendant set movement is adjusted to only 3 positions, however, the train is gold w/steel excape wheel, screws are gilded and it sports a factory...
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    Watch running fast

    Albert mentions the balance screws, which would be high on my check list with that level of gain. I've run into a few where balance screws were missing. Easy to identify if only one is gone. With missing pairs you might be able to see some evidence of past screw positioning by examining the area...
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    Need help with a 1903 Waltham Vanguard 23J 1892 Movement?

    As the watch you are working on is 23J I would go with the weaker spring (.16)
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    American PW Installing mainspring

    chaplin37 I am curious if this post is related to your previous post where you mentioned that you installed a new hairspring on the 16s. Was it the 12s hairspring that you instaled on the 16s balance?
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    American PW roller jewel and pallet fork

    No doubt there should be a safety roller or guard pin. I hope that the chaplin37 returns and updates or gives us better detail if our current input isn't sufficient enough to resolve the problem.
  8. V

    American PW roller jewel and pallet fork

    Hello chaplin37, if I am comprehending your question correctly the roller jewel on your Elgin is not always moving the pallet fork from side to side but the movement is now overbanking - roller jewel is coming to rest on the outside of the pallet fork. If this is true and with the installation...
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    992B Watch Crystal....vs. Acrylic

    Thanks, Kent, for clarifying
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    992B Watch Crystal....vs. Acrylic

    A friend of mine (who also enjoys repairing watches) mentioned that starting in the late 40's or early 50's acrylic crystals were standard on 992B's whether or not the instrument placed in railroad service and that the glass crystal that I installed in my model 15 case should really be acrylic...
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    Assembled & Oiled Elgin 18 Size Overland

    One thing that you may want to also check is that all the balance screws are paired. There should be a balance screw directly opposite each other. On occasion I have seen one of those mated screws missing - causing poor poise and time gain.
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    American PW Directory for Mainsprings for Elgin & Illinois

    Take Samantha's advice and get that book. I consider the E & J Swigart's Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements indespensible as it contains sketches & part numbers for most all of the common american maker parts/movements. Towards the back of the book is the mainspring section and I...
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    American PW Wanted; Complete balance/spring unit for Elgin 18 size pocket watch

    It does happen - but I would definately double check the balance pivots to be certain that they are not bent. Also, someone may have replaced the jewel in the past with a hole size that was too small for the existing pivot - which would cause the jewel to crack or break.
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    American PW Waltham 16S Roller Jewel Installion Problem

    You're lucky you were able to locate the roller jewel that fell out of the roller table. The jewel is indeed bonded to the table with shellac. Installing roller jewels is not an easy task and will probably take some practice. Do not get discouraged if you loose the jewel. I would recommend that...
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    The great 992B Challenge

    My week is up and this time my 992B faired far better. In the week that it's been carried the watch shows a gain of about 9sec as of 9pm PST Naval time, 171hrs of constant runtime.
  16. V

    American PW replacing a plate jewel

    No need to remove the setting from the pillar plate to replace the jewel. I have the same old set as yours and it will do everything you need it to. You'll do fine. Remember to set the micrometer stop before you remove the damaged jewel so that your endshake will be OK when you are done. It...
  17. V

    The Great Pocket Watch Challenge

    I failed to check my times on Sunday, seven days from my start date. As of today my two 12s entries timed in as follows. South Bend 415 is behind 28sec, or neg 3.11sec a day. Hampden 302 gained 2min 10sec, or pos 14.44sec a day. These were left static in the DU position.
  18. V

    The great 992B Challenge

    I'm in on this one as well. I am entering the 992B I ran during a previous challenge that showed a gain of about 1 minute that week, which was right after I serviced it. I've since made some adjustments so I think it should perform with greater accuracy. Time will tell Ser # C460702...
  19. V

    American PW replacing a plate jewel

    I agree w/Smudgy in that it does appear that the jewel and its setting is pressed into the plate. That type of setting can require quite a bit of pressure to extract from the plate. I have installed friction fit jewels into pressed settings on the pillar plate with success.
  20. V

    American PW replacing a plate jewel

    Basically - this is what I do when I need to replace a friction fit jewel with my Seitz jeweling tool. 1. Select the best stump for the operation. 2. Install a presser into the pusher & set the depth of the pusher by adjusting the micrometer dial on the top of the base to the flat side of...

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