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Search results

  1. hoo-boy

    Too bad to see a nice GB parted out.

    the previous post was tongue in cheek. "Steampunk art" is an abomination to the industry! In my...
  2. hoo-boy

    Finally "In Its Place"

    Sooth, that is an impressive case restoration! hoo-boy
  3. hoo-boy

    Too bad to see a nice GB parted out.

    NOW I am really confused ! I thought that the so called "steampunk " ( ART?) was acceptable . hoo-boy
  4. hoo-boy

    Pocket Watch Case Tools

    leathercraft! hoo-boy
  5. hoo-boy

    8 Day English Longcase Movement Project

    THAT is an impressive repair seeing what you have accomplished! My hats off to you. hoo-boy
  6. hoo-boy

    Broke the drill while re-pivoting. What next?

    An alternative to the hated pivot cap cut off arbor , get a bushing the same diam. and length of cut off portion of arbor insert a LONG pivot, press bushing on pivot using loctite on pivot, shorten exposed pivot as needed If done correctly HARD to tell the mod. Or try the old alum method. hoo-boy
  7. hoo-boy

    Mercury Pendulum Clock

    WOW! It seems that Mercury is just as lethal as nano particles!!! Oh woe is us. hoo-boy (running in circles screaming)
  8. hoo-boy

    WD40 oil.

    I believe I just seen him running down the road a screaming and pulling his hair, but possibly just another poster that had his questioned hijacked! hoo-boy
  9. hoo-boy

    Is this verge too far gone? Or should I start filing and hope for the best?

    I feel very strongly BOTH ways! :whistle: hoo-boy
  10. hoo-boy

    The Man Who Could Fix Anything!

    Did it work? hoo-boy
  11. hoo-boy

    Gustav Becker BimBam stike regulator???

    this is dreadful. look what some POOR slob did to get this clock to keep time ! especially in a SOD shanty during an Indian RAID in the middle of a smallpox epidemic in the back of beyond! horrors! hoo-boy
  12. hoo-boy

    Aids to clock repair

    I use a similar one on back side for support when knurling. hoo-boy
  13. hoo-boy

    WD-40 long term use warning!

  14. hoo-boy

    Is it possible to change the tune it strikes on a grandfather clock?

    :whistle:just a thought Why not just replace the movement ? OR get a cd, player a timer and a tune of your choice. hoo-boy
  15. hoo-boy

    Pinion wire cutter

    An old saw, BUT true never the less! " Some remain silent and are thought of as fools, some open their mouths and REMOVE all doubt" hoo-boy
  16. hoo-boy

    Pinion wire cutter

    Wire and tube cutter sometimes show up on ebay! hoo-boy
  17. hoo-boy

    suspension question???

    Willie, I exceed in this process. Thanks anyway! hoo-boy
  18. hoo-boy

    suspension question???

    I think you are right about it being a friction clutch. which leads to exactly how to correctly utilize them question. any enlightment? The clock is currently in beat and keeping good time using the slip clutch with the lever (?) centered on shaft. hoo-boy
  19. hoo-boy

    suspension question???

    yep its a 77 hoo-boy
  20. hoo-boy

    suspension question???

    Thanks Willie, I think you answered my question. hoo-boy

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