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    Samuel Hirst, Leeds

    Newest tallcase to my collection. I am currently working on an Asa Hopkins wooden gear tallcase when I came across this one. It has been interesting to find information on Samuel Hirst, Leeds. Using Google search referenced information to the British Museum as clockmaker/watchmaker active...
  2. D

    Asa Hopkins

    Thanks Jim, you definitely have provided a challenge! Mark
  3. D

    Asa Hopkins

    Thanks to you both, Tom and Jim, for your reply and information. Tom, If I understand the pendulum rod instructions, the wire is hammered/flattened into a one piece suspension rod/spring, correct? I do not have original hands for calendar, second, minute or hour…but based on a search, found a...
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    Asa Hopkins

    Additional information: From the correspondence with Thomas Kerr and articles, his clock also came from the same area in North Carolina, so I believe I also have a very early clock. Mine has been locally owned in a rural North Carolina mountain area southeast of Asheville. I acquired it from...
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    Asa Hopkins

    Good evening, I recently acquired an early Asa Hopkins tall case clock. Searching for information I came across this site and while reviewing past posts, I stumbled across an interesting detail that one was reworked for a former member, George Nelson. So I registered to post. I have corresponded...

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