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  1. Jim Andrews

    New life for a forgotten street clock

    Willie, Our Parks Department did the heavy lifting on this project, and I wasn't present when they refinished the casting. They chose black to match the bench and trash receptacle in front of City Hall. My guess would be that they used rattle cans, but I will ask. If I had a local...
  2. Jim Andrews

    New life for a forgotten street clock

    I'm not sure why that park is 5' lower than everything else. There's a small pond with a footbridge, but nothing intended for storm water capture. I considered higher along the highway but there were trees that would create seasonal foliage issues, the state highway to contend with, and...
  3. Jim Andrews

    New life for a forgotten street clock

    I work as the IT Director for a small town in Oklahoma. Recently I had an opportunity to combine my clock hobby with my job. In 2001 the city created a park for its centennial celebration. The park included a post clock at the center of several flagpoles. The park was in a depressed area...
  4. Jim Andrews

    19th c Seth Thomas # 2

    Everyone should have a ST #2, they are just cool clocks! Congrats!
  5. Jim Andrews

    Any more information on this clock would really help

    here's a pic of my ST #17 - you can see where the design came from.
  6. Jim Andrews

    Any more information on this clock would really help

    I read through your last two posts and your findings are interesting, I think you could easily get down to a 12# weight if you were okay with removing one pulley from the mix. That's assuming that it would run the 8 days. Getting the perfect amount of weight can be a little tricky. When I...
  7. Jim Andrews

    Any more information on this clock would really help

    Kudos to you for doing the research and sorting out what it was before pursuing a stagnant FB listing. From the info you posted, it's obviously a very high quality movement. I like the case and have a genuine #17 that it's patterned after. If you think about it, a single pulley reduces the...
  8. Jim Andrews

    Any more information on this clock would really help

    Thanks to everyone for this conversation and all of the info. I saw one of these listed on Facebook for a fairly high price and it was so foreign to anything I knew about ST that I stayed away from it. I'm puzzled why anything would need a 32# weight as well. My 9 tube Herschede has a big...
  9. Jim Andrews

    chelsea #1 wall clock

    Thanks for the info - I looked around the inner dial frame and didn't see any numbers, but I haven't looked inside the case. I did reach out to Chelsea by email and they said my clock was made between 1900 - 1904. They added that I could get a certificate of authenticity and a service history...
  10. Jim Andrews

    chelsea #1 wall clock

    The best info I can offer about finding the internals would be to look at a Howard 70. There's one advertised on Ebay now that has pictures of the clock movement, weight, and pendulum. It may give you some insight on how the movement is mounted, or you may want to use the search feature here...
  11. Jim Andrews

    chelsea #1 wall clock

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I saw your post yesterday and looked at my Chelsea #1 to see if it had any numbers. I was hoping that someone else would reply with info by the time I checked back. I personally do not know what the numbers mean, and given that my clock has different numbers in...
  12. Jim Andrews

    Waltham 8 Days Car Clock

    My guess would be that it was a car clock, they normally had the wind stem at the 6 position. Being a Waltham, it was a good one. Best of luck on your repairs.
  13. Jim Andrews

    What are the chances of this happening?

    I saw this article just the other day. Some old guy named Huygens found this out a couple of centuries ago. The sympathy of two pendulum clocks: beyond Huygens' observations | Scientific Reports (nature.com) Just noticed that someone else had already posted about this - still fascinating.
  14. Jim Andrews

    Another Railroad Clock Archival Image

    It's a Santa Fe railway ST #19 with a Montgomery dial. These grade of clocks were only used in division points, or where there was a time zone change, ie Central to Mountain. Dodge City, Ks had two big clocks back in the day.
  15. Jim Andrews

    Watch Inspector's Office Image

    I did a search for Railroad clocks and have enjoyed your many posts! I have a ST #17 regulator and it has many similarities to the clock pictured. The crank in the case lock, the dial and other things. This is a weight driven clock which would also fit. You can see the bottom of the weight...
  16. Jim Andrews

    Altoona PA railroad museum clock

    I have a couple of these ST gallery clocks. One is 18" diameter and the other is a 24" diameter. I believe the movement is a model 86T. I think they were all time only, with the double springs affording 30 days between windings. Mine have both required new springs which I found at...
  17. Jim Andrews

    Comcast fiber update

    As an IT guy, I'm pleased with how quickly you are back online. Things must have gone well. The site seems to load much faster. Good Work!
  18. Jim Andrews

    Rare GE clock?

    Some of these early electric clocks were not self-starting. Check on the movement and see if there's any sort of tab or button that you can press. Sometimes they are well hidden. Best of luck.
  19. Jim Andrews

    Howard 70 tablet restoration

    Nicely done! You should be very happy with the results!

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