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    Hamilton Model 23 Primary Reference; AN 05-35A-1

    All, I was able to source this document from the principals at: www.hamiltonparts.com/ Hope this helps.
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    Hamilton Model 23 Primary Reference; AN 05-35A-1

    Thank you kindly for that information R r! I have a copy of Whitney on order. It will be extra nice when it arrives to see it covers the "Model 23" (aka "AN 5742-1" and/or "Ham Part #37297"(black dial) and/or "Ham Part No.#37298"(white dial). Oh, for others, here is the best image of the...
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    Hamilton Model 23 Primary Reference; AN 05-35A-1

    I have recently acquired an early (P1102) Hamilton Model 23 chronometer watch. From my web research, I have found that the document which provides the overview of parts and disassembly of this watch is titled "Parts Catalog Type AN 5742-1 Navigational Stop Watch" under government document number...

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