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    Waterbury triple plate video

    Does anyone know of a good repair video for the Waterbury triple plate chime movement? I have two both and in need of cleaning and maybe overhaul as well. I would like to know as much as possible about the before I start. Thanks.
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    grandfather clock striking error

    the quarter hour chimes work fine the clock keeps accurate time. the only problem is that the hour strike only activates at the 9 o clock position and it does strike 9 times. But the hour strike will not function at any other hour on the dial. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the movemnt but...
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    grandfather clock striking error

    I have a Wellington grandfather clock that seems to be stuck only chiming at the 9 oclock positon. The hands move and the clock is keeping proper time and the clock does chime on the quarter hour. How should I go about troubleshooting this problem? Thanks
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    the trouble with gilbert

    Thanks to everyone for the help. After more tinkering I see that if I allow the movement to enter the strike phase on it's own then the movement will not stop striking until the spring runs down or I stop it.But if I lift the count lever the movement only makes one or two revolutions of the cam...
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    the trouble with gilbert

    Hi Tom I have double checked the pin in the pic. and it is there. the whole gear and pinon seems to me to have a lot of end shake ,but even when moved to its limit in both directions the pin still hits the stop lever.
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    the trouble with gilbert

    the peg wood is there to stop the motion of the movement while I was taking the photo.
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    the trouble with gilbert

    I have cleaned and re-bushed this Gilbert half- hour strike clock and now with it on the test stand I put it in motion. It runs fine except that when it begins to strike the hour the movement will not stop. the count lever does not drop down into any of the count wheel slots and the locking...
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    escape wheel movement

    when I move the crutch by hand the escape wheel will move one tooth at a time as it should. And without the verge and crutch installed the movement will run down uncontrolled as i believe it should. I forgot to test the movement by tilting one way or the other to see if it would run in that...
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    escape wheel movement

    I have been trying to teach myself clock repair for some time now but one thing the books and videos have not helped with is how much movement in the escape wheel is too much. Case in point I have just cleaned and repaired an E.N. Welch which runs strong with out the crutch installed but will...
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    new haven triple plate

    Thanks to everyone for the information. I understand that when bushing this clock that countersinking the bushing is important to allow for proper shake?
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    new haven triple plate

    I have worked on and repaired several clocks and I think I would like to tackle a new haven triple plate movement. I have a complete clock which runs but does not chime correctly and I also have a uncased movement to practice on.But with no formal training I would like to know if their is...
  12. T

    pendulum question

    I have a Ansonia movement that I know needs a bushing for the escape wheel. I notice that the pendulum and verge will swing without a bob, but when the bob is added the whole movement stops.. Just wondering if this is an indicator that the bushing needs to be replaced and what else might cause...
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    Cuckoo cuckoo clock bellows

    Iam restoring an old family cuckoo clock and I would like to know if anyone has gone to the effort to restore the leather of the bellows. mine appear to be sound but are dried out. Can any thing be done to restore the leather? Thanks
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    rust on the lantern pinions

    Does anyone have a method of removing rust from the trundles of the lantern pinions? Easy enough to remove rust from other areas, but what can get into the lantern pinion area ?:confused:
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    issues with german mainsprings

    Thanks for the great ideas.I will hit the hardware stores and the dentist office for some better tools.
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    issues with german mainsprings

    I just ordered some German loop end mainsprings for my Newhaven mantle clock to avoid the common problems that come form the Indian springs, But the German ones have a much larger hole that the winding arbor stub catches. Only the arbor keeps slipping I have tried other arbors with no success...
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    waterbury triple plate movement

    Anyone have experience with a Waterburry triple plate movement? I picked one up to tinker with but I would like to research it first. Is it as bad as the Newhaven triple plate?
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    newhaven triple plate mainspring

    Thanks for the info hookster. I have a couple of extra triple plate movements that I can take parts from.I am watching The Jefferson clockworks video on this movement trying to get the nerve to try it. But he seems to have skipped over the mainspring info after saying it was different. Do you...
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    newhaven triple plate mainspring

    Can anyone explain the procedure for removing and replacing the mainspring in a Newhaven triple plate Westminster chime movement? The mainspring arbor seems to be installed in the barrel backwards from other clocks I have seen.
  20. T

    newhaven "lift spring" replacements

    Has anyone had to make replacement "lift springs " for a Newhaven Westminster chime clock? Iam talking about the spring steel pieces that lift the hammers. I wonder what would make a good replacement for missing items? Thanks Carl.

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