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    Plate 1260

    It is marked "Mayer," and made by Kieninger & Obergfell (Kundo)
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    Plate 1260

    Trapezoid? Maybe like this? I did refinish it, but the original was also green, very close. The leg's color is supposed to be like that.
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    Plate 1260

    Not the same, but maybe this is like the green one you remember.
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    Haller 400 day will not get in beat

    Here is the title of one I found: https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/cant-get-forestville-anniversary-clock-pallets-timed-right.189531/
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    Function Help on suspension spring

    What you want to move is the part that the top block is centered in. It will be held by friction, but by moving it to either side you will be moving the fork's position.
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    Kern kick wind electro mechanical clock

    It has been noted here that a non-Horolovar spring will not necessarily give the expected results. Was the .002 a Horolovar spring?
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    PLate 1717?

    That looks like a lot of space between the fork tines. That could result in a loss of power.
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    Mahogany cased Junghans

    Thanks for posting the four! All are outstanding.
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    Mahogany cased Junghans

    Very nice, indeed. Since you have four, I would love to see pictures of the others, as well.
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    Purple?? disk on a GB 400 day clock

    It left the factory purplish or maybe blacker when it left; that is how I would want it. I assume you have washed it with dishwashing liquid and warm water? I would use a good carnuba containing wax and be done; that is probably as good as it will get. Maybe there is a way to redo the purple...
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    Purple?? disk on a GB 400 day clock

    Oops, my mistake. Under the "Post your Gustav Beckers here" thread. I thought we were in that thread. Do not remove the color on the disc; it is correct.
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    Purple?? disk on a GB 400 day clock

    Starting with post #334 in this thread, there is a lot of information on this color on a Gustav Becker
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    Any idea on the maker of this nice 400-day?

    Hello Oleg, There will be more knowledgeable people coming to answer, but I believe it to be by Kienzle. Is the name Selsi on the back, covered by one of the supports in your picture? It seems to match plate 1509 in the book and is listed as a front wind. Even without the "Selsi," I would feel...
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    New Grivolas

    I wish I had one and you go out and get two at once! Nice!
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    Do I bend The Anchor Pin

    Is it in beat?
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    Post Your Schlenker & Posner 400-Day Clocks Here

    I have a S&P that I refurbished probably a little over a year ago. The balls of the pendulum were brass in color, so it is possible that there is a marriage going on with yours. However, since the face would be silver colored when the paint is removed, the balls being chrome would match much...
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    New direction - 400 day clock ID confirmation

    The overshoot is possible to increase by lowering the fork, very small increments. With the fork placement you have, there might not be much room, but this can be accomplished by flipping the fork over. This will change the amount of suspension spring between the fork and the upper block and...
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    Just wanted to thank all of those who responded and helped me feel much more positive that this clock and case probably do belong together.
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    Thanks, Eric. I also thought about the fact that if there was a gong, there should be evidence where it was once attached to the case. I found none. Of course, it could have had a bell attached to the movement. I associate that with a French movement, though, but I really am only going on a...
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    Yes, Mike, the case is my major concern here, with the back door having the cloth insert that I would have thought was only used on striking clocks.

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