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  1. RAK

    Alternate main spring set for this Seth Thomas No. 10 movement

    Dredging up an old thread, did anyone ever try putting lighter springs on one of these No. 10 movements to see if it would run for the needed eight days? Just curious as my Akin Flipper Advertising clock has this same movement and it seems like overkill to just run the two hands. Thanks in...
  2. RAK

    Is Movement a Total Loss?

    Thanks to everyone with their answers so far. It is nice to hear that it is at least worth a try to straighten these out. That being said, if anyone has one of these time only Welch movements laying around collecting dust that they wish to get ride of, I am very interested in hearing from you...
  3. RAK

    Is Movement a Total Loss?

    First, my apologies (1) if this topic has come up before; (2) I don't have a picture handy. But a description should do to get things started. Will add photo as soon as possible. I bought a nice (enough) wall clock that looks like a Waterbury "Montreal" with an 8-day, time only, E. N. Welch...

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