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    Backboard of Thomas Haller wall clock

    Thanks for your diplomatically worded suggestion to leave well alone - strangely enough that's exactly what my wife said as well! However I think I will try to recreate something & print it onto card then leave it to the owner to decide whether or not to use it. If nothing else it could prevent...
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    Backboard of Thomas Haller wall clock

    Hi, I'm working on a friends Thomas Haller wall clock from the early 1900s just now. A big TH trademark on the backboard is visible, behind the pendulum through the glass front of the clock & I'm guessing was originally a 'feature' of it. However it was only printed on paper which is now...
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    Clock hands

    John, Cousins (Clock Watch parts batteries jewellery findings Tools Equipment) has a good selection of clock hands though I'm not sure if they have any specifically for Smiths clocks. Best regards, Arthur

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