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  1. Isaac

    What's the point of pull-repeaters on chiming clocks?

    On some high-end bracket clocks featuring a chiming train, there sometimes exists a pull cord on the side of the clock that will trip both the chime and strike trains. I could see this being handy late at night if the clock is nearby to announce the time (especially around the time when the...
  2. Isaac

    Just an appreciation thread for Winterhalder & Hofmeier Clocks

    Hey Tim, Will do. The chiming spring on my movement is also extremely strong - pretty much feels like winding a Sonora mainspring without the gearing reduction to help. You can see by the enlarged winding click mechanism that these mainsprings are no joke at all.
  3. Isaac

    Just an appreciation thread for Winterhalder & Hofmeier Clocks

    Recently took out my 3 train W&H Westminster chiming clock's movement, since it is overdue for a teardown and servicing (been running well, but needs to be cleaned). I'm always blown away by the construction quality of these movements and their rock-solid reliability. Anyhow, I just figured I'd...
  4. Isaac

    Can't say I've had this happen before...

    Went to go wind up my westminster W&H, and the bezel is stuck shut! I'm guessing that the wood around the bezel has expanded and is pinching it enough that the door won't budge. There's no points of leverage I can use to help open the door besides the small pull-knob. I think I might have to...
  5. Isaac

    Just like in watches...

    Hey everyone, figured I'd pop back on the forums for a little bit after taking a break and building up my own watch collection. A question I was pondering as I was looking at my watch collection is beat rate. A higher beat rate for a watch usually makes it more accurate, due to limiting...
  6. Isaac

    Constructing a coil gong for best sound

    There are also many different ways a proper coiled gong is created to give off different sounds. A simple change in the thickness or the width of a coiled gong makes a huge difference in tone. Then of course, you have the coiled gong block construction itself as well as the sounding board that...
  7. Isaac

    Elliott clock

    Looks like you’ll need something thin and small to grab those pillars and rotate them to unscrew them from the front plate.
  8. Isaac

    Time to service this movement... But how?

    One of the clocks I've been meaning to get to servicing is this Peerless lantern clock. Movement looks small and simple, but I'm not sure how one even goes about disassembling this lantern clock. I thought perhaps that there would be 4 screws for the pillars hidden under the feet (like a...
  9. Isaac

    Can anyone identify the platform lever escapement maker in this lantern clock?

    The movement's by Peerless (Mathias Bauerle). Perhaps L'epee? Looks like the escapement also temperature compensating.
  10. Isaac

    Anyone seen/heard from Bruce A. lately?

    I sent him a PM a while back, but it looks like he's not been on the forums in a while. Anyone else heard from him at all? Hope all is well.
  11. Isaac

    Just an appreciation thread for W&H clocks

    Every time I deal with clocks by W&H, I'm always blown away by their quality (even after collecting lots of clocks for ~9 years). Just superb craftsmanship all around. A little detail I noticed with W&H clocks too is that their steel control levers on the front of the movement are also extremely...
  12. Isaac

    Do any quartz wall clocks sound just like Big Ben?

    I suspect a large reason why we don't have a semi-faithful reproduction of big ben is the fact that there just isn't a market for a loud quartz chiming clock - a lot of times, people keep their chiming quartz volumes pretty low or even silent when I've visited friends. If you're looking for a...
  13. Isaac

    How accurate is your chiming wall clock?

    I've read through the responses here, and I've not interpreted it as people ganging up upon you - one of the tricky things with the internet is that you lose all nonverbal cues, so sometimes you can interpret it as people attacking you when really people are just looking to help out. Going...
  14. Isaac

    The hardest clock to wind in your collection?

    For me, it's the chime mainspring for this W&H chime clock. It's a massive spring that feels like you're winding a Sonora chime clock without the assisted winding gearing. What is the hardest clock to wind in your collection so far?
  15. Isaac

    What is this wire for?

    That wire trips the striking mechanism to synch up the strike with the hour hand, since these are countwheel striking movements. I always found it faster to just move the hour hand to the hour last struck and advance the hands accordingly to the correct time.
  16. Isaac

    Three train fusee

    Beautiful! It always amazes me what people are willing to chuck away. Surely someone could take one quick glance at a clock like that and think of selling it before sending it off to the landfill. Looks like it could be an English movement, perhaps by Elliot. Another contender could be...
  17. Isaac

    Grinding noise when in Westminster chime Waterbury Clock

    Sounds to me like some really rough pivots (and likely some very worn bushings as well). These movements have 3 plates, which means that there's an extra plate that needs to be oiled and bushed (on top of all the craziness with the wire levers). These movements are not fun or easy at all to...
  18. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    Thanks! Indeed - it was a long hunt for this unicorn but it's all well worth it.
  19. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    And of course, a video of the clock chiming and striking. The chime train is a bit run down in the video (wound it up afterwards), so the strike comes a bit early at the end of the 4th quarter. Wonderful bell-like sound from the coiled gongs.
  20. Isaac

    My dream chiming clock finally arrived!

    Hey all, When I first started collecting clocks at 13, I've always wanted to get my hands on a 3 train Winterhalder & Hoffmeier that chimes & strikes on coiled gongs. Unfortunately, a lot of those clocks were too far out of reach in price (and I had tons to yet learn about clocks & repair in...

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