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  1. RAK

    clock id

    Looking forward to hearing if anyone can supply some information on the first clock (with the really nice Waterbury label), the min-box regulator. I've seen some examples listed for sale/auction over the years but don't know much about them. My wild axx guess is it dates from the...
  2. RAK

    Baird advertising clock lettering color

    Hi RM, Yeah, as a collector this type of clock, I would say that the high price paid for the Baird in the New England Auction was high because of several reasons, most touched on before: it's an uncommon transitional style of Baird clock (which is reason one that made it interesting to me)...
  3. RAK

    Baird advertising clock lettering color

    Bob Z, Your clock is a keeper and your friend did a great job making it that way. As far as the prices of Baird clocks going down, I couldn't agree more. One that use to command $1,500 to $2,000 now is more in the $1,000 (and sometimes less) to $1,250. There are exceptions if you get the...
  4. RAK

    ST Basket Case

    Like the lower tablet!!! Should look great once it gets cleaned up. Bob
  5. RAK

    Baird advertising clock lettering color

    Hi rzman1964, You posted two photos. The one with the clock laying down appears to be your "as-found" photo, and the other is while hanging on the wall after a bit of clean up. My best guess is that these Jolly Tar clocks usually hung in tobacco stores or taverns/saloons of some sort. We...
  6. RAK

    chelsea #1 wall clock

    Hi Old Clocks, Congrats. What a great looking clock! I would like to offer a speculation on what the numbers stamped on your clock case are for. The "7277" I would think is a number put on the owner for inventory purposes. I believe railroads, school districts, etc. did this to be able...
  7. RAK

    Share your advertising clocks.

    Thank RM for sharing two really nice Baird clocks. Both have great dials; especially hard to find on the John Finzer Co tobacco clock. Best guess is that they were often in smoky tobacco/Cigar shops which darken the dial after years of exposure. Both cases are nice and the Vanner & Prest...
  8. RAK

    William L.Gilbert Progress 55

    Hi Jo Anne, Welcome to the Forum! What a nice gingerbread clock. As Wille X said, always a pleasure to see a clock that is as nice and original as yours appears to be. Just a FYI that Chapter 34 in Williamsburg is a nice group of folks and is about a two hour ride from CVille. If you would...
  9. RAK

    19th c American Connecticut Mirror Clocks?

    The woods they used on that Ives mirror clock are amazing! As always, an informative and fun post to read on a topic I know virtually nothing about. On occasion when reading one of your posts I've had the passing thought "This is really great material: I bet the general public would find it...
  10. RAK

    Antique novelty clock.

    Can't wait to hear the explanation for this feature. My first thought on reading your description was an LSD flashback ;)
  11. RAK

    Seth Thomas Adamantine Collection

    Wow! What a great collection to see and hear. Thanks for sharing, Bob
  12. RAK

    Ugly Clock?

    I think two of these beauties flanking a wood burning fireplace would be perfect ;-) Perhaps one could have a barometer instead of a clock. Makes ya smile just thinkin' about it.
  13. RAK

    20th c American A couple of Chelseas

    Nice clocks RM. Just got to see a presentation by Jim Dyson on a couple of new additions to his Chelsea clock collection at the Chapter 34 December meeting. Your mahogany clock would have fit right in! Bob
  14. RAK

    American Parry Buggy Clock

    MQ32shooter; Superb job! The clock looks excellent! Whatever has been restore on your clock has been done really nicely and it all comes together to make a wonderful example!!! One of my observations regarding advertising clocks is they are almost always in terrible shape, so it is great to...
  15. RAK

    Share your advertising clocks.

    Thanks David! I really appreciate you checking into Tran's Seth Thomas book. Years ago, I had briefly wondered if these were really Seth Thomas clocks but the labels, signed dial, and date stamping don't lie. Interesting about the Stamped Tin dial Baird clocks. It would make sense that he...
  16. RAK

    Share your advertising clocks.

    Thanks RM! It's nice to be able to share something a little different. Like you said, Baird figured out very early on that only the doors with the advertising on them mattered. Not sure that the folks at Seth Thomas got the message. I went about 15-16 years without even considering the...
  17. RAK

    Share your advertising clocks.

    Back in June I got interested in the Route 32 Auction which included several really nice advertising clocks. After picking up the clocks and getting them home, I posted the Mishler's Herb Bitters Baird on this thread. I also had the winning bid on this Seth Thomas advertising clock but hung...
  18. RAK

    Are you finished collecting?

    Dean, I now suffer from the same problem. I just bought two pretty nice examples of Seth Thomas advertising clocks at an auction in June. I previewed the auction in person and got to look closely at both and I was clearly convinced that the clocks in the auction were better examples of these...
  19. RAK

    Are you finished collecting?

    Picked up three this year with one more on the way... and have identified four that I can let go if some folks on ebay help me out by buying them. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to three of them as they are pretty nice but so be it. The fourth is a project clock that has some issues I...

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