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  1. Greg Burton

    Looking for additional resources to service English fusee watches

    Looking for additional resources to service English fusee watches. I am currently aware of two horologists that are excellent at not just servicing but repairing fusee watches. The problem is both of them are backed up six months or more. If anyone has any recommendations please share. Several...
  2. Greg Burton

    Looking for a good resource to clean and oil A,Eric an key wound

    The two excellent resources I use are booked up for weeks+. Does anyone know of a reliable horologist who can clean and oil a key wound in only a month or so? Thanking all who read this in advance. Greg Burton
  3. Greg Burton

    Looking for a resource fo servicing fusee watches

    I am looking for a good resource to clean and service both lever and verge fusee watches. I have had the best results with a source in the UK. But I hope to find someone on this side of the pond. Greg Burton, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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