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  1. Rick Hufnagel

    Buying your first ever American pocket watch - did you do your research or buy with little knowledge?

    At first I bought random 12 sized Elgins to learn watch repair. There are still a couple around. I just wanted something common and easy to find. I'm not really sure which one was the first. I can say it was probably a mish mosh of parts from various watches, lol.
  2. Rick Hufnagel

    Buying a Pocket watch with good or bad packaging & postal experiences

    I had an uncommon 1870s Elgin in a nice sterling case sent to SW PA from England. It was in a padded envelope and somewhere along the line the envelope was cut and the watch removed. The empty envelope made it to the mailbox. Other than that, it has been a perfectly fine experience through...
  3. Rick Hufnagel

    The Gold Filled Process

    Nice find sir!
  4. Rick Hufnagel

    Post two (or more) related items including non-horological items (one must be an American PW)

    This is fun, good idea. I had this photo handy so will start with this I paired these two together recently with the idea that they were probably both sold strapped to cards or displays in a hardware store. They are around the same age I believe. The Ingraham Autocrat and a Hammer Brand...
  5. Rick Hufnagel

    Time on the go

    This Hampden #42 is out for the weekend. Signed for C.P. Barnes & Bro. out of Louisville. This awesome 4oz silver case is still a mystery. It's been a while and I can not nail down this case trademark. If anyone has any ideas please give a shout! Have a good one, everyone! Is anyone...
  6. Rick Hufnagel

    Elgin 16s 17j Open-face Pocket watch from 1896

    That looks like a #161. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The serial number would confirm but it sure looks like it. They call these Elgins the "lace doily" movements because of the nice decoration. They are beautiful and collectable. It's a great original watch. No reason to switch...
  7. Rick Hufnagel

    Elgin 16s 17j Open-face Pocket watch from 1896

    Can we see the movement? The link in your original post is broken. Dial looks awesome to me. They only used this dial signature for a short period. A very generalized date being 1896-1904.
  8. Rick Hufnagel

    (Elgin) Private Label Research

    National Watch Co #30,050 G.M. Wheeler grade A nice early P.L. from the company that comes from a small run of 20 movements. Private labels start at 30,001. Movement marked for Fix & Connor out of Burlington Iowa. Fix & Connor originally located at 39 Jefferson St. Established in 1866...
  9. Rick Hufnagel

    Would Appreciate Info on Illinois Central Pocket Watch

    Hi Ron. Welcome to the NAWCC forums Could you provide photos of the dial, movement and any case trademarks seen on the reverse of the case back. With those pictures we could likely tell you all about it. Thanks!
  10. Rick Hufnagel

    Filling quartz movement with oil

    Do a Google search on "hydromod watch" Not my thing, but a thing none the less....
  11. Rick Hufnagel

    Show Your Special American Collections

    These 17 sized Elgins from the mid to late 1870s have become their own little special American accumulation. Oddly enough for me, they are all originally cased (as far as I can tell) and in pretty good condition. We have ones that are exports or domestic, some 7 and some 11 jewels, a...
  12. Rick Hufnagel

    A Crescent Garden waiting to be saved

    What a great find! That must have been an exciting day. Thanks for sharing. This one is 796106 and has a very similar case numbered QQ179 I guess American Watch Co was shipping them overseas already cased up before Dennison set up shop? Interesting. Dennison started his case making in...
  13. Rick Hufnagel

    Another newbie question

    I always clean and lube them regardless if they are brand new or N.O.S. Who knows how old a random spring is or what is stuck to it. I suppose the new alloy ones come ready to go, but I still wipe them off and put some 8200 on it.
  14. Rick Hufnagel

    Where were your Grandparents in 1893?

    My grandparents were not born yet. Even my great grandparents were all born after the turn of the century. GG grandparents and more likely GGG grandparents could have gone.
  15. Rick Hufnagel

    Besides watches or clocks what else does one collect?!

    This was fun to read thanks to everyone who responded. I'll add a few things that I like to collect. Coins have been a thing since I was a wee dude. Nothing serious and it's mostly just cool stuff I've found over the years. Silver coins, anything old and boxes of wheaties and some indian...
  16. Rick Hufnagel

    Smallest American Keywinder?

    Interesting! This is a new one for me. Thanks. In a bulletin article from January of last year, Alan Myers notes that these are equivalent to a 15 ligne movement. Using a conversion of 2.2558291 millimeters per ligne, this comes out to a little under 33.84mms. It seems this small number...
  17. Rick Hufnagel

    Smallest American Keywinder?

    Hello everyone A bit of fun for today. This watch surfaced yesterday while looking for something else and it got me to thinking.... Is this the smallest American Keywinder? It is a Waltham model 1873-6 exported overseas. It lives in a Dennison case marked for Alfred Bedford. The movement...
  18. Rick Hufnagel

    Silver ALD pocket watch family heirloom - can anyone tell me anything about it?

    The watch movement was manufactured by Revue (Gedeon Thommen) https://www.timewornwatches.co.uk/manufacturers/gedeon-thommen-revue/ http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Revue_31_sav
  19. Rick Hufnagel

    IWC Sealand "Boston" model, Calibre 25

    There is a really nice article in the new Watch and Clock bulletin about Frederick Francis Seeland and his time at IWC. Thank you to Adrian Van Der Meijden and Alan Myers! What a good read! I first found out about Seeland when this 10s AWCo came my way. His sponsors mark is in the case from...
  20. Rick Hufnagel

    Dorlin Pocket watch information help

    Hello! This is an interesting one. Information from the horological trademark index at www.mikrolisk.de and there was only one match for it. The Dorlin trademark was registered on 4/6/1954 Gulf Wholesale Jewelers of Oklahoma City Here is another trademark list...

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