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    MasterCrafter's Mystery clock loses time

    Sorry to move this old post to new, but it is the same clock. I finally found the problem from back then, someone had tried shimming it with a type of cardboard cut to fit exactly to the point I thought it was original. Once removed and setting up, I have enjoyed the clock until a few weeks ago...
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    ATO question about switch contact on ATO

    The pin should just touch the contacts as it "jumps" out and not rest on them. The lower screws, fourth one up on your picture, will allow for adjustment.
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    ATO Elgin Electronic ATO (Kieninger & Obergfell)

    Hello Dave, Yep, I have the hex nut, too. I have a few Kundos that run without problems and I have the exact model you have and it runs fine. The other is very similar and this is the one on which I have the problems you describe. I have to back the hand nut off to the point that there is too...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Great find and the case looks great. At 1.4v now, it should run on one battery as it is supposed to. Glad to see someone post their Bulle here; maybe we can keep it going so that all the postings are in one place and easier to find.
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    ATO Elgin Electronic ATO (Kieninger & Obergfell)

    I have a similar Kundo model that I had to do the same thing to. It is likely to self-tighten as it runs, but you know the fix.
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Very nice. The wood finish looks in great shape and the movement looks complete. Really like the one of the wall.
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    ATO Latest acquisition, 1925 - 26 Leon Hatot, ATO Yellow Marble Mantel Clock

    Yellow marble looks pretty good to me. Congrats on a beauty.
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Thanks for the help. It is up and running like a champ. Here is a pic not long after I was satisfied it was running well.
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    ATO Gebruder Junghans ato help

    If run on 9v the contacts could be pitted. Also, the gap between the contacts might need a slight adjustment. You could try a bit of electronic spray cleaner on the contacts or gently rubbing them with something like denatured alcohol, but be careful not to bend them out of position and not to...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    I am sure the fault lies with me somehow, because the numbers do seem odd. I cleaned off the enamel at the end of the wire and held the connectors for the Ohmmeter on the lead in wire and on the just cleaned part of the wire. Just hoping, at this point, that all is well when I get it all back...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    I worked on the coil and, of course, all did not go well. The wire broke at about 1400 winds and it read 700 Ohms. I stripped the enamel and soldered, just a spot, the tiny wires together and got it up to about 2700 winds and it still only read a little over 900 Ohms. Extended the wire again and...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Thanks, Darrahg and Peter. I will forge ahead with the given number of winds. I really appreciate the responses.
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Thanks, Darrahg. The link shows a larger movement and the coil bobbin looks bigger, particularly longer; would this not affect the number of turns? The entire length from one end to the other is only 11/16th of an inch on mine.
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    I have a Bulle, probably clockette model, that I wish to rewind. It is currently all apart. I have all the wire off and will be rewinding with 42AWG. Does anyone know the correct number of winds to get the called for 1200 Ohms? Or maybe some formula where I could figure it out? Thanks in advance.
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    Tiffany My first Antique electric "Tiffany"

    When it rotates one way the pin is released and the other way gives impulse when the contact is made. Watch it from the back and you will see what I am attempting to say. Well, I just realized this is probably not how yours works, since you have the double contact and mine are single contact.
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    Tiffany My first Antique electric "Tiffany"

    You do have an earlier double contact version. I do not know the date, but the patent is given as 1904, so this being an early model it must be closer to that date. It should take 3 batteries for 4.5 v and the pendulum does look at bit low, it should not touch the base. I have the other single...
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    Kundo Kundo C cell, rotating pendulum: advice needed

    I collect mechanical 400 days, so I can't help you with the electronics or what strength of suspension spring to order, but the suspension spring looks like it is broken/unattached to the pendulum.
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    Bulle Rare type of Bulle clock???

    That is a beautiful case and clock. If you find the serial number on the movement, use this for the age: Bulle Serial Numbers There is a section for listing your Bulle clocks, perhaps there would be more response there.
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    ATO User manual Junghans ATO

    I think you want electric horology. Depending on the model, there should be an enlargement near the bottom of the pendulum that you can turn to raise or lower the rate.
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    Imhof Mystery clock

    I believe the "no jewels" had something to do with import duties at the time, paying more for jewels. It would mean lower costs for the consumer, since the import costs would be less.

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