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  1. Karl Thies

    Old original design of Seth Thomas ships bell clock.

    Found this old ships bell clock on ebay and was surprised that the movement was quite different from the later models of ships bell clocks. The chiming set up for the wheels was a little different from the other models in that the start point on the pin wheel was one section moved over. Great...
  2. Karl Thies

    Broken time arbor on Seth Thomas "Monitor" Ship's Clock (External Bell)

    Unfortunately now you have a wheel that can not be removed from the plate without cutting it off.
  3. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    Replaced the mainspring wheel and arbor from another clock that I found and repositioned the lantern pinions back to where they belonged. Then got the case back to reasonable condition. The restoration is done. I think it came out fairly good, and it has a good beat. Other parts required...
  4. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    Although the spring was twice as strong as the correct spring, it was not any longer. The clock as it was barely ran for a day. I think this was a case of try to get the clock to run and failing.
  5. Karl Thies

    mainspring chart

    Here is the newest mainspring chart from Timesavers:
  6. Karl Thies

    mainspring chart

    Here are some charts for mainsprings that I have:
  7. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    If I was doing this for profit, I would have told the customer that it would cost too much to repair. I am now however retired for several years. I grew up repairing clocks and watches and have a small collection of clocks that i keep running. I love a challenge and since it is now an item I...
  8. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    The difference between us is he had a simple repair that he turned into a project, and I have a project that I have to figure out how to turn this once beautiful ships clock back to what it once was.
  9. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    I imagine it was done because the brackets which hold the mainspring had broken, and this was their solution. Besides the mainspring wheel they moved wheels around to adapt to the new configuration. This type of repairs I am not surprised with, but to adapt the case to this I am amazed at...
  10. Karl Thies

    Rube Goldberg award finalist

    I have never seen such a botched job on a clock as this. To add insult to injury, this tinker also ruined the case as well.
  11. Karl Thies

    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    Got another shoemakers repair of an old Seth Thomas ships clock with exterior bell. The bell rods are an interesting way to repair the worn out original rods. Someone tell me why people keep painting solid brass cases with brass colored paint. Why???????????????
  12. Karl Thies

    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    Got this donor movement on Ebay at a good price, but look at how the last repairer did a job on the strike side of a Seth Thomas ships bell clock. I can only guess that he couldn't figure out how to get the eight bells in proper sequence with the levers, and a poor job of wheel repair and...
  13. Karl Thies

    Reamer Handle Question?

    With the proper set screw it can be used with the Bergeon Reamers
  14. Karl Thies

    Glue for enamel dial repair

    I have used this method on my own collection. First clean all pieces and dial in an ultrasonic bath of new solution. Dry well and I use this glue "Bob Smith Industries cyanoacrylate thick glue" It can be purchase in different drying times. For the spots where there is no pieces to glue, I...
  15. Karl Thies

    How to Disassemble an Ansonia "Crystal Regulator"?

    Although this is true for most Seth Thomas, New Haven, Waterbury and most French Clocks, it is not applicable to Ansonia which have screws attaching the movement to the bezel.
  16. Karl Thies

    How to Disassemble an Ansonia "Crystal Regulator"?

    Exactly, if you wish to remove the outer dial you must disassemble the case to get to the three screws on the bezel which hold the mounting blocks for the movement.
  17. Karl Thies

    How to Disassemble an Ansonia "Crystal Regulator"?

    Remove the gong from the bracket with the two screws. Then remove the hands, and using a thin magnetic screwdriver remove the three screws which hold the movement to the face plate bezel. Using the magnetic screwdriver will allow you to remove and reinstall the screws without disassembling the...
  18. Karl Thies

    Worst Designed Movement?

    For me it is the Gilbert three plate striking movement found in their Crystal Regulators. Nearly impossible to get even mainsprings for them anymore. Plates are too thin, and the pivots too short. When the spring breaks, it takes wheels with it. Second most hated is the Sessions two spring...
  19. Karl Thies

    Ansonia Crystal Regulator springs

    Generally, I would not replace a spring if it is not damaged. If the clock you are working on is an Ansonia Crystal regulator Then the spring size is 3/4" x .012"x 90" for both time and strike. The older springs are a much better quality than the current replacements. The spring is available...
  20. Karl Thies

    ISGUS friction Adjust Verge/Crutch

    Make sure there is no oil on the slip clutch. Re- clean the verge assembly if there is any oil. Oiling the slip clutch makes it too easy to move and would cause this problem.

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