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  1. Tbucket

    Hammer return spring

    Hi Raymond, If you look at the photos in post #1 & #13 you can see that he is talking about the tension spring that's mounted on the face of the plate & rests on the pin that is sticking out of the round brass base of the hammer arm, not the internal lever helper springs. you can clearly see...
  2. Tbucket

    Hammer return spring

    Here is an illustration I found. It's hard to see but it looks like the spring is parallel to the plate face and rests behind the pin that is sticking out between the hammer connection & the plate.
  3. Tbucket

    Cuckoo Cuckoo clips

    Thanks for the tip Willy! Bought a screwdriver at Home Depot for $1.25, ground the front of the blade as shown in your photo. Worked Great!
  4. Tbucket

    Cuckoo Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Repair

    when re-installing the chain, the only thing that should be turning is the sprocket that the chain rides on not the entire assembly. Push on the sprocket teeth with a small screwdriver to re-thread the chain.
  5. Tbucket

    Striking mechanism fault diagnosis and rectification

    Nice Catch. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Tbucket

    Striking mechanism fault diagnosis and rectification

    That trademark is for a Kienzle movement. The arm with the pin sticking out is suppose to fall down on the snail to set the drop distance for the rack. It looks like someone didn't want to hear the strike anymore. Not sure what's going on with the additional arm that is pushing/bending the pin...
  7. Tbucket

    Cuckoo Old Cuckoo Winding Repair or Replacement Part Help

    I just purchased the springs that you are talking about, for the same repair. Timesavers sells them for $1.00 each. Part# 10567 for left time side & Part# 10568 for right strike side.
  8. Tbucket

    Burnishing-is it a black art?

    That's a good one also. I always used the roller style when burnishing internal bores. They were a little tricky to set up. First you established the proper pressure then had to adjust the part finish before burnishing to obtain the Ra value that the part called for. If the part pre-finish was...
  9. Tbucket

    Burnishing-is it a black art?

    I'm posting this YouTube link which is a burnishing demo done by a company called Cogsdill, which make & sell burnishing tools for production machining. I have purchased & used these tools over the last 45 years & thought that this gives a good explanation of what can be expected when used...
  10. Tbucket

    Movement for a standard Ansonia regulator

    Here's a link to one on worthpoint. Not sure if it is shown for value or for sale as I am not a member of Worthpoint. I also attached a photo I found along with a picture from Trans' "Ansonia clocks & watches" book. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-ansonia-standard-regulator-152969929
  11. Tbucket

    Kroeber Black Mantle, need help.

    Found movement & clocks it was used in, in Trans' Kroeber Clocks book. Says it was made by Seth Thomas.
  12. Tbucket

    Click Wire

    Here's a photo of Ansonia that was missing it's click spring on the time side. The wheel on the left has an original spring on it. The wheel on the right / time side shows the one that I made. I used click spring wire from Timesavers 10 pack No. 16979. I shaped the wire by hand using the...
  13. Tbucket

    Waterbury movement stops at same place on escape wheel

    There appears to be too much slop in the hoop at the end of the crutch which could be limiting the pendulum swing a bit.
  14. Tbucket

    Ansonia Clock - Loose Click

    The click appears to be loose, as it is not laying flat. The rivet needs to be tightened up or replaced. The pressure point of the spring looks to be too far back from the click contact point which reduces the force that is needed to keep the click against the click wheel.
  15. Tbucket

    Missing chime on A403-007 due to chime drum problem

    Thank you Will, but I currently do not need one. I have however seen this problem & was asking to see if anyone may have a method of repairing one worn lifting nub on the drum, for future reference.
  16. Tbucket

    Missing chime on A403-007 due to chime drum problem

    If everything has been repaired & working properly, is there an acceptable way to repair one worn down "nub"?
  17. Tbucket

    Ingraham parlor clock movement

    I recently had an EW that was worn more than the one you have. I brought it back to life using Dave LaBounty's planishing method shown in the attached PDF. I was surprised how well it worked & was glad I made the attempt before going thru the potential challenges of a replacement.
  18. Tbucket

    Who has a KWM pivot gauge 4 sale?

    Timesavers.com part number 13483
  19. Tbucket

    Help JB weld removal

    I think you are correct. This was just the first time that my soldering guns failed. It took a few trials to get here, but this is solder & I now have a Mini Torch. Thanks everyone for your opinions & advice.
  20. Tbucket

    Help JB weld removal

    I'm stumped. I didn't notice any smell. It's a shiny silver color like solder would be, but I can't get it to melt with my soldering irons. Could it be a high temperature silver solder?

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