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Search results

  1. Jaap

    Friesian tail clock problem

    Hi Adih, take a look at this site. Friesian clock parts. Please post better pictures. https://www.valutaklokken.nl/frieseklokonderdelen.php#wijzerwerk Jaap
  2. Jaap

    Make Dutch zaandam hour hand tighter

    Hi Powerstroke, maybe some heat-shrink tubing can help you? Jaap
  3. Jaap

    Zaanse pendulum

    The pendulum with the horse is orignal to a Zaanse clock.
  4. Jaap

    Reed switch for Jaeger clock (1941 6-volt car)

    Hi Charles, could it be a field coil?
  5. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    Oke, have a good move and we'll talk again later. No hurry. Jaap
  6. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    we need to see what make of movement you have for advice on the pendulum and the weigths. Can you show us these and a picture of the post for hanging the pendulum?
  7. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    First hang on the weigths to lower the outside chains. Then remove the eyes on the chains and the weigth hooks. The chain is now removable by pulling the chains up. Between the chains at the under side remove the bolt. Lift the clock gently from its feeds. Pay attention not to damage the lead...
  8. Jaap

    French Movement Japy Freres missing parts.

    Hi Bruce, I think what you see is the reflection of rhe pinon on the spoke of the second wheel.
  9. Jaap

    Mainspring Extraction

    Place the wound spring on the floor. Put your foot on it and snip the wire.
  10. Jaap

    Brass Cleaner

    Brasso works well on removing scratches from a pick-up dust cover.
  11. Jaap

    1972 Kieninger chain wheel click wear?

    I like to use the Moebius 8300 grease. Jaap
  12. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    As promised some pictures of a friesian stoeltjes klok.
  13. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    The pendulum is hanging from a point fixed on the backboard. The bend peace will go through the slot in the pendulum like the vienna clocks have. I will try to get some pictures this week.
  14. Jaap

    Friesian Mermaid clock needs help

    The wire shown in this picture, is the driver for the pendulum, it is attached to the anchor. There is no such mermaid animation as far as I know.
  15. Jaap

    Hermle 130-070 runs extremely slowly

    There should be a nut in the dial center wich needed to be removed.
  16. Jaap

    Junghans Clock Part?

    And if it is a rackstrike movement it is used to repeat the last whole hour strike.
  17. Jaap

    Boston Shipstrike with 132-071 has loose part

    Welcome to this site, and great you solved your problem. Jaap
  18. Jaap

    broken pallet on floating balance verge

    Hi Hesh with carefully supporting the verge you can drive out the remaining peace. Then you take a peace of pivot wire of the same diameter. Make sharp point on this peace. Check for loosiness in the hole. You can make the hole a little smaller by light taps with a hammer. Then drive the...
  19. Jaap

    Happy holidays and best wishes

    Thank you Agemo, for the best wishes. I hope to visit France on the summer holiday. If corona allows it. Best wishes to you.
  20. Jaap

    Happy holidays and best wishes

    Good news today. I'm driving home for Christmas Like Chris Rea sings. Have a good one.

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