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  1. RRPocketWatch

    Artistic License

    Very sharp looking!:clap: I agree, polish the upper jewel settings and, I think a display case is in order. By the way Scott, did the package arrive?:confused:
  2. RRPocketWatch

    Can You Believe This?

    True or Not.....Still makes for interesting reading! Hope somebody has it! We can send it to a lab and have it CSI'ed for the proof:D I like it Kent!
  3. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    Ron hit it just right.....Dave another great idea. You both are on my frequency....... I think for what little I'd have to shell out though the Alpha wins here. Funny how you bring up a topic like this and right away certain people want you to spend more than you planned. Hmmmmm..... This being...
  4. RRPocketWatch

    Favorite 18 size models?

    crsides, those have got to be the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen!:oIf you have no objections I will let them occupy the screen when not in use. IMHO you get the award!:clap:
  5. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    I have found it amazing that I started collecting pockets and as time slips by, I am looking at clocks, watches, and other instruments as well. Has anyone else been compelled by the uncontrollable urge to do the same? The more you read & learn the broader your interest grows. :oAfter all the...
  6. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    HMMM......we can erase this any time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ron, in my utter disbelief, I believe we have a winner here!;):clap: In fact now that these Alpha watches have surfaced, Thanks to Ron........DELETE THE WHOLE THING.....This is a wonderful alternative to a replica. I looked at the...
  8. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    Alpha...........Interesting................ -> posts merged by system <- With all due respect. It is a "Swiss Made Mechanical Automatic Watch" and if there is going to be a problem, I'd like my post modified to state as such. Please Remove the name ROLEX from my first post as well as all...
  9. RRPocketWatch

    US$500.00 for one Hebdomas??

    I'd also have to agree myself, but unfortunately the Purists on here will spank you for it, bellyache and gripe. Best off to feel out a situation, learn who is knowlegeable and ask on a personal message.
  10. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    Honestly I don't know "7750 but it could be 7733" . They say I think Valijoux 31 Jewel if my memory serves me. Ron, I can't honestly believe a >>>>>CHINESE ANYTHING<<<<< let alone a watch movement is better than a swiss.....be it 7750 or any other! They are 200.00 and have a swiss made ETA...
  11. RRPocketWatch

    Off to a good start?

    What is the general opinion of quality on a Swiss ETA Movement. I want a Automatic Mechanical and a "Fakex" looks like a possibility. It has a Valjouix automatic movement. I know it is not a real Rolex, but it seems to be a nice watch all the same and meets the requirements of a jeweled...
  12. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    Tref.......:eek:......."very happy I didn't let my greedy little eyes overcome my hesitation to step off the porch to play with the big dogs :bigsmile:" I have the same issue with the added ailment of a Champagne taste on a Beer budget right now.:clap:In the process of starting my own...
  13. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    The other thing as I have learned from trying to research my family's WW2 veterans is old records are sketchy. I believe anything is possible. With that said I'd like to thank all those people on here who with selfishless acts of kindness and hours upon hours of research, provided newbies like...
  14. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    Tref.....DMK = Damaskeenor old 992 yes! Yes I do like Larry's watch(just to steep for me right now) Before I'd spend over 225.00 I'd be sure what it is I am buying. I would most likely do something like this at a show, spend a little extra but would be sure what I was getting. Robert, I would...
  15. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    Ok now I'm confused.......?????:confused: Even if it would end up a 992 DMK thats ok too if that is what you mean...???????????? I seem to remember a thread on the #2 case not in White Gold for the 992B. Even still Yellow with no brassing will be fine. 992, #2 White or 992B #2 Yellow
  16. RRPocketWatch

    The five "best" Hamiltons?

    I've been bouncing this same question around for awhile and figured I'd throw my hay penny in (as I am now collecting these, I don't even have 2 cents). :eek: A solid inexpensive Hamilton start, and what I'm up to is: 940 21J Marked Motor Barrel Adjusted 5 Positions 974 17J 996 19J 990 21J 992...
  17. RRPocketWatch

    Bunn 19 jewel

    You mean I went thru the trouble of making that comparison picture for nothing? Well for what its worth, I'd do it again.... Terry you contribute so much, and know so much, right or wrong (in this case) I'll still follow your lead! CHEERS!
  18. RRPocketWatch

    Back of the Watch Pix

    I would drive myself nutz with something like this. I could spend a lifetime trying in vain to figure out who that was, and I'd be crazy enough to do it. If I'd ever aquire a watch like that, I'd have to know. That is one of thoes things thats priceless. Imagine if there was a name on it. You...
  19. RRPocketWatch

    When it rains it pours

    Fred, Thanks for the link to the thread. It was great reading. I for the most part read the whole thing word for word untill the 950 parts. I skimmed those and zeroed in on 992 cases. 950's-They are just too expensive and of no interest to me. I see it this way, before I go after the high dollar...
  20. RRPocketWatch

    Bunn 19J and others; I have questions

    Your second (smaller) Illinois is a Model 10, 16 Size, Produced in 1923. 19 Jewels, Adjusted 3 Positions, Double Roller (If I'm not mistaken) I get this running the serial number for the Elgin: 1923 Elgin Grade 345 17J class 114 12S 3/4 Plate pendant model 3 Search Results For "26966503"...

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